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Vegan Cookies Recipe | Onsite Plus ltd

Come and cook with our associates Ros Baressi and Val Price as we make some Vegan Cookie treats.

– 150 grams of Oats
– 2 tbsp. milled linseed
– 2 tbsp. rapeseed oil
– 2 tbsp. dark sugar
– 2 -3 tbsp. of almond milk
– 2 tbsp. peanut butter
– 2 tbsp. gluten free flower
– 50 grams of dark chocolate

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Video Transcription

hello ok so we’re here with anotherrecipe and Oh see this is the lovelyrose per se and I am Val price I thinkthis another very quick and simplerecipe you can do at home without muchmess often vibration no and when we makehim today so we’re making peanut butterand oat cookies with some chocolate onthe top and a lot of these ingredientsare what you might have in the cupboardsso I’ll go through them as we preparethe recipe then yeah ok so out regularrolled oatsyeah and then 2 tablespoons of brownsugar it doesn’t matter what sort ofsugar it can be soft brown sugar it canbe Demerara I use coconut sugar becauseit tastes really really nice and it’sgot a bit of a nutty not he sort offlavor to it as well I didn’t even knowthey did coconut sugar coconut is usedfor everything everything down but youcan use if you don’t have brown sugaryou can use the mirror sugar or you canuse Tamara sugar yeah but the brown softshould that just makes it a little bitmore tastier yeah okay sugar and I’vegot some milled flax seed will newtablespoons of milled flax seed what isnil flaxseed well it’s Lindsay solinseed and flaxseed are the same thingsvery good for the digestion very high infiber very good brain food there andalso if you if you mix flaxseed withwater it max is it’s a really goodalternative to an egg doing a veganrecipes yesis there anything you can substitute itwith if you don’t have linseed or flexiwell some chia seeds are good any typeof seed yeah but then you may need touse eggs because that’s what binds thisrecipeoh so if the limp Tina flaxseed of thebinding agent so if you don’t have thatyou’d use a difference see but you’dhave to use an egg to bind it you knowflax seeds are available everywhere mostmost supermarkets have them and they’rein the baking section of the whole foodsection I’ve got some coke um all mymilk on the nails a splash like two tothree tablespoons almond milkdoes it make a difference if you usecoconut milk or dairy milk if you wantyou know I just I just have it in myfridge so I’m just using that that’swhat I’ve got open it’s already startingto sort of look it combined and then youadd 2 tablespoons of rapeseed oil seedoil you can use coconut oil if you wantto but with coconut oil you probablyhave to melt oh yeah it’s a bit toosolid boys very tall yeah it does thenthe best bit peanut butter with prunesof peanut butter you can use crunchy orsmooth it’s completely up to you I’vejust got a supermarket brand here I meanthese are the nut butters if you want ifyou have an allergy to peanuts obviouslywe know that peanuts and nuts arecompletely differentyes you know nuts or type of countriespeanuts come from the groundso sometimes allergies can be you knowone or the other or both so you can usealmond butter or cashew butter if youwant to they stay against but actuallydidn’t know that if you have a nutallergy is a difference between peanutsand allergy and a normal not allergypeanuts and nuts completely unrelatedreally but they’re both peanut allergiesand nut allergies are both on the top 14allergen listup there with shellfish and gluten andstuff yeah I had no idea I thought wehad a nut allergy you were two didn’trealize peanut wasn’t enough it’s beenlying like tomatoes it’s um it’s relatedto this Lagoonpeanuts and a groom for easecuz they come from the ground or theirground what like when I found outpineapples came from the ground too sothat is the basis of the biscuit and I’mgoing to scream I want a baking sheetnow you see what’s it going to turn theoven on oh that’s okay so 150 150 justheat it up for a few minutes likeregular biscuits when you’re makingtheir area to know Goliath II know thatI may be very hungry I mean thesebiscuits are great because you can justcome in a container and you can havethem with or without chocolate I meanwe’ll do the cheaper after but they dotaste nice completely vegan plant-basedor whatever you want to UMdescribe them as I know that some peoplesay like dark chocolate is supposed tobe way better for you than normalchocolate is that true though or is thatthere’s more there’s more sugar and fatin milk chocolate dark chocolate is darkchocolates got sugar in I mean dependingwhat percentage you pay for if you get17 it’s got you’re going to get 18 Scottsugar but the 95 has little sugar can’tget 100% chocolate but it is quitebitter yeah it depends where you go forbut nomilk chocolate tastes really yeah joythe downside milk chocolate whitechocolate tastes really good but youknow the dog trotted shadow is the bestmy chocolate fantastic Baron and weshall come back in a little while to dothe meltingI’ll do the Blue Peter moment and we’llcome back as you are hello welcome backwe are we did some Blue Peter magic yeahhere’s some m8 area junkies they’ve beenin the oven for about 25 minutes at 150stroke 160 and yeah they form prettynicely they’re not perfect but they I’msure they taste good yeah that’s a boywell and I melted sorry oh yeah oh saywell that’s been doing you’ve beenmelting just dark matterchocolate I’ve got a poem is called aporringer this thing is water in thebottom and I put the chocolate in thetop if I’m meltingI usually just put it over either in abowl and then over boiling water youstill do that some guy in a cook shopconvinced me to buy this and it’s been areal it’s been a real life-changer tothe cookies okay and that was just the58% dark chocolate from the coop so youcan use any kind of yeah except maybe aball will well it’s just to me justdoesn’t taste as nice I mean it’s up toyou at the end if you want to put milkchocolate on them you can if you want toput white chocolate on them but onething I found and I did used to makechocolates for a living I had a littleside business and I used to sell them atthe market in Wallingford one thing isthe dark chocolates really easy to usemilk chocolate and white chocolateAndale yeah unless in the chocolate theeasier to use is that reason maybe it’sjust me hey you can use any kind ofchocolate and any strength so saywhatever you want just go down have anykind of chocolate you want butmarshmallows on it I just usesupermarket and brand because it’s justyou know it’s not it’s not too expensiveit’s pretty good stuff and it’s also youknow the stuff I’m using is fair tradeso yeah one is that it oh okay oh no themajors need to sit put them in thefridge for half an hour an hour and thenyou can complete them in a containerwhere container in a family who knowsyeah they would not last long here theywould be gone in minuteswas that the joke I just have some it isyeah you’ve obviously heard that thereare cookies and wants in alright so yeahthat that’s very little very littlemaking very very quick time yeah oh justthink is just leaving it in the fridgeand the baking and that’s something thattakes time but hope notand you can go off and do anything wellthat’s happen you can clean your windowsclean your oven go for walk or you doinglockdown sit on your sofa and hide reada book okay so that’s all good and Iwould just bring us up a quick view ofthe ingredients by the way I forgot toput the flour into the cookies but youdon’t have to put them inlist of ingredients just say twotablespoons of gluten-free flour itdoesn’t matter if you put it in or notthey still work without ok I knew thatwas I was going to ask about thegluten-free flour and but yeah that’sthat’s perfect then so you can make itwith me in my head now okay and here’sthe list of ingredients here so 150grams of oats 2 tablespoons of milledlinseed2 tablespoons of rapeseed oil 2tablespoons of dark sugar 2 to 3tablespoons of almond milk 2 tablespoonsof peanut butter 2 tablespoons ofgluten-free flour optional and 50 gramsof dark chocolate yeah oh that’swonderfulalright then oh that’s another cookingepisode over for this week thank you somuch and you’re welcome thanks too muchto Rawls and we will see you again forthe next cooking episode[Music]

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