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Metamorphic No Bake Cookies

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]hey guys welcome to fun Friday today youare going to make metamorphic no-bakedrop cookies okay you saw the pictureI’m sure you got excited so the rockcycle can start anywhere but we’re goingto start from igneous rock so the lavaerupts from the volcano and it comesdown on the ground and cools becomesediment that sediment is weathered andit becomes sedimentary rock and later itcompact sand connects it becomesmetamorphic rock it metamorphosizes itmelts it eventually becomes magma andbegins to become igneous rock again andthen the whole cycle starts again soround and round around it goes[Music][Music]all right so the butter is melting and Iput yeah I’m gonna wait I’m gonna waittill the butter melts a little bit morebefore I did anything else in that I’llwatch the butter cuz you don’t want itto burn you want to make sure that youput it not medium on medium make sureyou do this with mom and dad do not dothis at home by yourself bad idea don’twant your burning down the houseyou’ll know it’s burning when it’sgetting brown so that’s why you want tomake sure your heat isn’t on high andyou’re just making sure that you’re notseeing any Brown happeningI’m keeping the butter that’s or themark this is actually margarine I’mkeeping that kind of more on the fireand the and the stuff that is alreadydone is kind of off to the sideit’s happeningslowly but surely you can also do thison hot plate – I have been known to dothis in class on a hot plate I don’tthink mr. Spaulding would appreciate itmy junior okay so this is almost doneI’m going to go ahead and put the milkand get off any extra butter that I havemy tonguethere’s the Coco go hamsure now sugar does some really crazythings when it gets when it gets hot itliquefies so that’s kind of fun to watchI would do it kind of slow see all thosemonths I’m gonna get those out you knowmuch as you like chocolate you don’twant it enoughand then of course that little piece ofbutter or sugar in just like threedifferent ways[Music]this is my mom’s recipe whenever my mommakes these drop cookies everyone in theneighborhood comes one they are so coolwhy are these cookies like metamorphicrocks because metamorphic rocks it’skind of a mixture of a bunch ofdifferent kinds of prophecy thatsedimentary rock it’s an igneous rockjust like this mess this recipe there’sa lot of different things and they’reall mixed together and that is going toso it’s getting there I’m not quite donewith my sugar okay so this is like myfifth my fifth time now all my sugar isin now slowly I did that sometimes youwant anything just lower especially withcooking all right so so we are sittinghere we are waiting for this to boilI’m just going to wait until it it’sprobably a good idea to stir it a littlebit not too too much because you do wantit to boil it some point and it won’t ifyou then too much time on itas soon as it starts to boil well littlelittle bits there in the middle you seethat here I’m gonna bring it up so youcan see it’s starting to boil around theedges huh that is what we are waitingfor exactlyso we got to boil it for a minutewhen it in the trashyeah folding in that oh yeah when you’recooking when you’re mixing something youcall it folding itthat’s betternow the peanut butter is a little solidbut because it’s connecting with allthis hot liquid it will start to liquefyit really quick and the important thingis it just really mix it really goodbefore it gets too hard because that’swhat we want we want it to get hard soyou can make the drop part of thecookies goodAaronall right so it’ll be a little liquidythat’s okay they’re called drop cookiesand I let them might let it sit it alittle bit so it can hold and then we’lldo the drop part of the cookiesokay so I put a few of them out alreadyso what you do is you’ll take your panyou’ll take your spoon and you’ll justdrop the cookies onto the wax paper andyou make you can make big ones you canmake little ones I would suggest youdon’t make them too much bigger thanthis because these aren’t just they arelike sugar sugar sugar or sugardid I mention sugar yeah there’s a lotof sugar in these so I don’t want tomake them too big and then you also wantto be able to share them how to makemetamorphic[Music]well that’s it for today panthers thanksfor coming to my kitchen and i hope youhave a really fun[Music][Music]

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