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Triple decker triple chocolate AND Hazelnut Cookies! Epic Cookie sandwich Idea.

Triple chocolate, triple-decker and hazelnut cookie towers! These cookie sandwiches are to die for! Layers of cookies and chocolate! This will change your life!

Hi and welcome to another episode of Paulies kitchen, in this episode I build on the delicious homemade choc chip cookies in my previous episode and create this delicious and amazing cookie sandwich!

these cookies are so good that you will want to make them over and over again. These Ferrio Roche cookie sandwiches are incredible. The chewy cookie is delicious and has a delicious homemade hazelnut and chocolate spread. This is the best cookie in the world!

To make these amazing cookies, you will need the following ingredients

This recipe will make two triple chocolate and hazelnut triple-stacked sandwiches!

6 homemade cookies
150grams of milk chocolate
50 grams of hazelnuts (chopped)
2 tablespoons of hazelnut butter

That is all you will need to make these tasty cookies, let me know what you think of the video in the comments below!

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Video Transcription

in this episode I’m gonna show you howto make a triple chocolate cookiesandwich with hazelnutsthis thing is so amazing it willactually change your life no joke stickaround you’re gonna want to see thiscome to another episode of Polly’skitchen my name is Polly and this is mykitchenin today’s episode I’m gonna be showingyou how to make a triple chocolate chipcookie sandwich with hazelnutsthis thing is so good you’ll love it soguys if this is your first time heredoing to like comment subscribe and hitthat Bell one see you do find out when Irelease my next video which will bereally soon in the meantime I’m gonnadive straight in I’m gonna show youexactly what you’ll need and all theingredients that you will need for thisrecipe are right here somewhere you canmiss these ingredients I will put thesein the infobox belowso do check out down there and you’llcatch them all down there just before wedive in and make these cookie sandwichesI just want to talk about our hazelnutswhich are here this one here is a hopein that but on all that is the easyhazelnuts that’s it if you don’t havethis I bought this from the shop it isexpensive if you don’t want to use thisor don’t have it can’t find it whateverand you just want to use normal house ornuts you can get the chopped version oneof these are pestle and mortar andliterally pound it to a pace it mighttake 5-10 minutes but the results willbe the same you could just chuck it inand know you need to know the differenceanyway this dive straight it’s the firstthing we’re gonna do is we’re going totake our glass bowl and we’re gonnaplace it there on our chopping boardnext we’re going to take our chocolateand we’re going to break this up in itspacket[Music]and then we’re just gonna empty ourchocolate from a packet into our Bowlwe’re going to take the bigger bits andwe’re gonna break these up into smallerbits now the reason I started to breakthe chocolate up in this packet wasbecause it was already broken I don’twant to lose any other chocolate next wewant to switch the kettle on to let thatboil okay so we’ve got a chopper brokenup we’ve got a kettle boiled so now allwe need to do is to melt our chocolatebut we can’t put hot water straight inwith our chocolate because we’re in itso we’re gonna move this to the sidewe’re gonna take a great big glass bowland then we’re gonna get our kettle andwe’re gonna put about that much water inthe bottom of the bowl it’s now that ahot ball was in our bowl we’re gonnatake our chocolate I’m gonna place oursmaller bowl inside our larger bowl soalways like it’s milk chocolate likethis in a double boiler not on asaucepan on the stove because you mightburn it this way you can keep thetemperature kind of stable but not toohot and then all you do is gently stiryour chocolate onto it all melts[Music]so once your chocolate is melted andit’s nice silky and smooth but take thesmall bowl out of the large one and justpop that onto your work surface andwe’re going to move this across over tohere because you don’t worry anymore solet’s bring this back into the middle asyou can see it’s nice and melted it’snice and silky smooth and it looksabsolutely deliciouslovely so we’re gonna move that acrossto there we’re going to take a nicelittle dish we’re gonna take our butterand our spoon and we’re gonna take onetablespoon of hazelnut butter and placeit into our dish I’m going to use two sothat didn’t seem like a lot lovely I’mgonna pop that back down there just likethat so next we’re gonna take ourchocolate and we’re going to Boone inabout half of our chocolate onto ourhazelnut butter and take our spoon andwe’re going to mix our chocolate and areholding that button togetherall we need to do is we need to let thiscool down a little bit and set and onceit does it’s ready to make oursandwiches you all know when your mix isready and it can do this it’s nice andgooey nice and thickperfect spreadable consistency that’swhat we want so we’re gonna take ourcookies I’m gonna start making up cookiesandwiches now now we’ve got six cookieswhich means we can make three sandwichesor if you really want it you can triplethese out that would be epic actuallyI’m going to turn them upside down likethat so now that we’ve got cookiesupside down decided I’m gonna maketriple ones not double ones we’re gonnatake our little spatula and we’re justgonna smear it across we’re gonna makeit nice and thick[Music]so basically what we want to do now isyou want to take top of what and cookieand I want to place it on top of theotherjust like that and then we will takethat and we’re gonna place that on topof the other cookie we have a deckersandwichlook at that just going to do that againso we’re going to take top of our cookieand place it on one of our other cookiesand then we’re gonna slide under oursecond cookie and gently press down nowyou know it’s perfect when you take offthe top cookie and it sticks togetherjust like this these things are going tobe incredible so they’re literally is todo now is to take our chocolate and I’mgonna try and get equal amounts on bothI’ve lately and then try and roll thechocolate around the top of your cookiejust like this such messy hands justgonna clean these all we need now guysis a finishing touches which is thisI’ve chopped nuts and we’re just gonnasprinkle things over the top[Music]so yeah that’s how you make triplechocolate triple stack hazelnut andchocolate cook the towers absolutelyincredible easy to change your lifehonestlypromise you that and then into one ofthese now probably not gonna be able toeat both at the same time forgot thanksfor watching and remember to like andsubscribe hit that Bell cheering findout when I release my next video reallysoon between time guys happy cookingstay safe and I’ll see you get tothanking you bye bye[Music]

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