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Tips for Making The Best Holiday Cookies For Christmas | You Can Cook That |

Have you ever wanted to make the best cookies for Christmas at home? Nicole gives you all the tips and tricks she knows for the best cookies from the classic chocolate chip cookie to the customizable die cut sugar cookie. She also gives you some tips on how to best decorate and ship your cookies to your family and friends.

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00:00 Introduction
00:17 Measure your ingredients properly
00:25 Read the recipe to prep ingredients
00:35 Secret ingredient (Salt)
00:50 Mix dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately
00:58 Cream the butter and sugar
01:38 Mix in the eggs
01:56 Add flavoring
02:03 Mix in dry ingredients
02:16 Add chocolate chips
02:23 Chill your dough
02:45 Use a small ice cream scoop
03:01 Use a small baking sheet and parchment paper
03:23 Bake at a higher temperature for a shorter time
03:53 Let them cool for 3-5 mins
04:07 Final result
04:19 Tips for sugar cookie cutouts
04:43 Decorating sugar cookies
05:14 How to ship cookies for the holidays

How to Make and Share the Best Cookies for Christmas:

Chef and mom of three, Nicole McLaughlin, will share all the cooking basics — plus some things you may have missed — as she walks you through comprehensive videos that include kitchen tips, food facts, and cooking techniques.

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Tips for Making The Best Holiday Cookies For Christmas | You Can Cook That |

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