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Sugar Cookies Make, Bake, Royal Ice, Flood & Paint (recipes and tips) by Nats from Gosh Cakes

A start to finish tutorial on Making, Rolling, Cutting & Baking Sugar Cookies all the way through to Making Royal Icing to Outline and Flood Icing and Painting in details for effect. Please feel free to leave comments and any questions you may have, and I will answer as best I can.

Recipe for Sugar Cookies
200g Softened Butter
1 Cup/200g Castor Sugar
1 Large Egg Lightly Beaten
3 Cups/420g Sifted Flour
1 tsp/5ml Vanilla Essence
With paddle Attachment or K beater, cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add the flour, egg & vanilla and mix until well combined. Shape the dough into a ball, wrap in clingfilm & refrigerate for an hour before using. Roll and Cut. Bake at 200C for +/- 10 min, until golden brown

Royal Icing Recipe
500g Sifted Icing Sugar
2 Large Egg Whites
1tsp/5ml Lemon Juice or Water. (lemon juice adds extra flavour to Royal Icing)
Beat all together in mixer with Whisk attachment for 10min until light and fluffy. Push through a fine sieve and cover in clingfilm.

Time Stamps
00:55 Making Sugar Cookie Dough
03:02 Rolling Cookie Dough
05:40 Making a Cookie Template
06:09 Cutting Dough using a Template
08:00 Baking Cookies
08:58 Removing Airbubbles
09:26 Making Royal Icing
11:34 Colouring Royal Icing for Outlining & Consistency
13:09 Adding Nozzle & Coupler to Piping Bag
13:55 Transferring Inner Cookie Details from Template
15:38 Piping Black Outline
16:34 Flood Icing Consistency
18:13 Closing off the back of the Piping Bag
18:39 Flood Icing The Cookie
24:07 Marking off Inner Paw Pad Detail & Piping them
25:08 Painting Eye Detail
27:12 Reflection of Light on eye

Painting Detail: Food Colour Powder mixed with Alcohol or Lemon extract. Dont paint with water based food paint, as this tends to dissolve the Royal Icing

To attach the cookies to a cake, as in the sample picture. Use White Melted Chocolate in a piping bag. Back paws, just squeeze some onto the back of the cookie and immediately position onto the cake. Face and Front paws:- Lay cookie, piped side down, on a soft cloth. Pipe a line down the centre, place a skewer or toothpick onto the chocolate and then pipe more chocolate over the skewer. Let it set and then pop into position on the cake. (You can also insert a dampened skewer into the cookie dough before baking it off)


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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys Messier from gosh cakesin today’s tutorial I’m going to showyou how to make bacon decorate him cutsugar cookies it’s literally an HSNtutorial on sugar cookies from makingthose Ruchi rolling and cutting withoutcookie cutter menu I see an outlineconsistency by consistency and then hairpainting in couple of details for extraeffect all the recipes I use will be inthe description below please feel freeto leave comments if you know I think ifyou enjoy the video please remember tolike and subscribe let’s get started[Music]okay Jamaica sugar-cookie – beginning touse the following ingredients 200 gramsof softened butter cup of castor sugar200 grams of caster sugar 1 egg like youeaten up three cups 420 grams of flourand then gonna be adding a teaspoon ofvanilla essence in your mixing bowlwe’re just gonna add our custard sugarand your butter and I’m going to popthat into the mixer you know your K beatup or your pedal attachment and we’regoing to cream butter and sugar togetherokay once it’s nice and creamed togetherwe’re gonna add the beaten eggnew flour and just a teaspoon over thelaceand that’s all going to go back into themixer and mix it until it’s all combinedas you start mixing it it’s going tobecome very crumbly just carry on mixingand mixing and mixing it will avenge youwill combine itself and you’ll get adough that looks like thisat this point we’re taking aren’t pop itinto something full and then put it intoa fridge for about an hour to see itbefore we use just shaping it alland they can rest in the fridge forabout an hour[Music]speed up nicely just cut off a portionby using the cheap pieces of bakingpaper I eliminate having to flower withmy work surface and also then helps tonot drastically[Applause][Music]I want to listen to this nice and openif you’ve got them lovely to work withthe spaces they’re about half acentimeter I’m just gonna pop them ontothe sides and that way when I’m writingmy rotor wrists onion and I don’t meanin the last 250 even thicknessthroughout the cookie dough if you don’thave spaces you could use dowels excusesocieties of us anything that’s shethought she wrote that could give youthe same thickness and that way at thewriting pen its resting on it and it’llnot see anything[Music][Music][Music]I can once you have you without duringits thickness I’m going to pop this intothe freezer probably about 15-20 minutesbecause I’m not using cookie touches andI’m going to be cutting out a team but Iwant this to be nice and firm so that Idon’t drag the cut line when I cutyou’ll see when we do it how to start itinto the three sectors on baking paperto take a cutting mint or any less tradethat the tray onto metal can pick thisup comfortably in the freezer[Music]Oh My those firming up the judgesprinted a little temple of what I wantedme to cut out see I’ve got my Bunny’sface and he’s that poor any littlefriend poor something a little bitstronger than just a plain brown paperbut if you saw you’ve got just printedout on to normal paper and then cut itout from being at once the cookie doughis nice and firm you can read your topsheet and we’re now going to go intocutting from a template[Music]caplets attempted on the dirt don’t pushtoo hard please her sharp pointed enoughwe came to just cut round the sides youcan see by using a sharp knife and afrozen dough you don’t get a draglinebut a nice even cut then just continuecutting I’m going to cut our childrenback paws to find poles and the littlefaceyou can also use a blade or somethingthat’s got more points more littleangles to it use a shop printed blade[Music][Music]once you finish cutting orderingtemplates just use an app and remove theoutside piece[Music]and you can name place a cookie and yourcookie sheet[Music]okay so until the cookies are cut outyou’ve got a new shape space them out ona baking tray pop them back into thefridge for probably about another 30minutes or so I’m going to be nice andcold before you put them into the oventhat way they will keep their shape andthey don’t spread out while speaking I’mgonna make them off of 200 degreesCelsius for about 10 minutes or so sothey’re light golden brown color I’malso going to just keep an eye on anybubbles coming out while they’re busybaking[Music]okay see you why didn’t you bake yourcookies until they’re a nice lightgolden brown if you do have any littleair bubbles just take a flat offsetspatula and just rub Ginty over the topand you will flatten out any of thelittle bubbles this is gonna help forwhen you popping them that you don’thave any raised lumps when you do yourroyal icing[Music]to make royal icing we’re gonna use fiveinch bags of sifted icing sugar eggwhites from two eggs and two teaspoonfull of water put that into the mixerand I’m going to beat it up with mywhisk attachment for about ten minutesso it’s a light and fluffy[Music]you don’t say youth lemon juice if you’dprefer I use the water so that I don’thave the extra yellow coming from thelemon juice[Music]it’s still on top of this water bowl andI’m gonna push it through so just tomake sure I’m emanating though that’s itmight be inside[Music]well I say we love will block up yourarsenal[Music]I’m just going to take a paper towel anddip it in some water and squeeze it outand place on the paper towel directlyonto the surface of the royalthis will keep it from getting a crustand I’m just going to cover it withsomething phonewhich will keep it nice and a tart andprevent depress developing on the top[Music]to make some of the black for theoutlining it’s gonna take some of my oilit with me hose it off againadd some black food coloring[Music]a bit more black you mate[Music]I usually work with concentration foodcolors my favorite inner gel range isthe color boost which is made from sugarand craft shiver is your favorite choicebecause I’m working with a concentrateI’m not going to try and get a pitchblack in my royal I’m going to just geta nice dark charcoal this is game toturn black as its it’s becauseconcentrate to do thatthe longer they stand the more the colorwill develop so I’m working with aconsistency that’s not a stiff peak justholdshape when I move it around[Music]take just a disposable piping bag cutthe tip off and I’m going to use my pathback go inside the bagI’m going to work with a size 2 pipingnozzle and then close him off the reasonfor using the coupler is going to be toallow me to change the nozzle size whenI need you without having to do a wholenew piping bag for a different sizednozzle tip ok take your template andthen was just going to cut up a verticalsections that we can transfer[Music]the background[Music]okay sis I’m chip cookie andin[Music][Music]okay once you trace out your outline meI’m gonna pop over that to you now mylast thing[Music][Applause][Music][Music]once it’s done city decide we want thisblack art learning to be safe reallywell so that when we do the sled icinginside with the black color doesn’tbleed out into the lighter wire to pinkand black gray that we’re going to use[Music]I’ve added some of my black royal allthe food coloring to the white give mean ugly gray then the same for the pinkand they just start from the right andwhy don’t you get your consistency whenI turn on it because I now want to floodthen as I lift it up and let it run downit needs to settle back down to smoothin about 15 to 20 seconds so you can seewith my gray I need to soften it down alittle bit more so that it’s gonna meanI’m just going to add a little bit morewater to it because it’s still holdingits shape[Music]and just by adding water to it just alittle bit at a time stirring it up andmaking sure that settle back down to asmooth surface within 20 seconds[Music]once you happy with your consistency I’mgonna pop it into a piping bag[Music]especially image and put your best eventand over to secure so no I think I’mshooting out the other side once you’vemade your bags up and just pop theminside a damp cloth keeping the tipsnice and coveredthat way your royal icing right seasoncrust inside it[Music]nice nose to stand out I see once I foldin the whole areaI’m just going to go back inside withthe nozzle inside and squeeze moreinside which will puff it out nice tea[Music][Music][Music]last way to make sure you keep thatlittle curveand do a crossover to ensure that shecan get that beautiful[Music][Applause][Music][Music]I’ve cut out the little pause from mytemplate and I’m going to now transferthis on cheap metal pocketand again using an edible pin[Music]right – now I can go and flood assetfirst came to do an outline in the inflood[Music][Music][Music][Music]came just to finish off just popping ina little dot for fiction of light achizel finished painting piping justneed to finish stitching and get niceand firm and you can any use it as youlike I’ll show you a finished picture ofwhat I did with mine thanks for watchinghope you enjoyed see you next time[Music]

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