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How to Make The BEST VEGAN cookies EVER (Palm oil free, dairy free egg free…)

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Video Transcription

hey guys and welcome back to make itvegan now you haven’t already noticedI’ve kind of forgot last week that for avideo but I am back showing you how tomake vegan chocolate chip cookies andthey’re par more free the ones that I’mmaking right now and I’ll show you howto make there now so you will need 1/3of a cup of sugar and I said with a cupof brown sugar for unsure it doesn’treally matterOh see try and make sure that your sugarit’s veganyou also want a third of a cup ofcoconut oil but you don’t want aboutthat also now a fourth of a cup of anyplant-based milk I’m using almond ourdearly unsweetened that’s just the one Ihad a teaspoon of vanilla extract 1 anda quarter cup of all-purpose flour butinstead of wild now I might put a littlebit of almond flour in instead of theplaintiff and this is quite strong alsoalso 1/2 a teaspoon of baking sodabicarbonate soda whatever you want tocall it and 1/2 teaspoon of bakingpowder also 1/2 know a quarter of ateaspoon of salt and I’ll see somechocolate chips you can use basicallyany vegan chocolate night likenew free any chocolate momno no littering our to pronounce it it’sprobably my favorite I got some more wefree there but I will need a cup of nutsso now you want to well I have I’vealready mixed it in the flour then wethe amounts and stuff a problem on thescreen so don’t worry but the flouralmond flouryou don’t have to use almond flour butI’ve just added some of that in insteadbaking soda and bicarbonate of sodaright no bicarbonate of soda and bakingsoda so now you want to add in yourthird of a cup of coconut oil into abowl and then you want to add in yoursugar or sugar 2/3 of a cup and then youwant to whisk it so now you want to mixtogether so once you have whisked yourcoconut oil and sugar try that as fineas possiblea bit of whisking and the electric whiskyou know I find this part the best thenyou want to add in your your plant-basedmilk and vanilla extract so I’m gonnaadd that in Nookay so once you have added that in wantto this what you saw you want to mixthat up I’m using a rubber spatulasquash[Applause]now you want add in your flour bakingsoda bicarbonate soda baking powder andyour almond flour which you’ll see eachother there are car like the amethytaste I’m gonna add that in and yoursoap and now you want to mix that upinto a through so I’m going to need itit didn’t say to need it but the recipedoesn’t say that but I am going to needit so what you don’t have to add yourchocolate chips in I’m assuming if youdon’t want to kind of make morechocolate chips then just um add half ofthem in to a half of this so I didn’tyour vegan chocolate chips okay so onceyou have mixed that up you want to putyour cookie dough on your tray kind ofwhy emphasize cooking one this makesabout I’m I’m going to shore but Ireckon it’ll probably make about tenaverage size cookies very weird to handor function try and put it there okay soit is round balls I kind of forgot thosebubbles so I’m just going to make themintoso once you’ve formed them all intodough balls well you know eating doughballs but cookies well you should havepreheated your oven but for the audio Ihaven’t done that so I’m going to do itto 118 Celsius all I feel in America orwherever it’s 350 degrees Fahrenheit andthen you would just put this in but um Ikind of made too many chocolate chipsbut I would have edited it to say thatuseless so don’t worry about that butI’m just gonna eat them in a minute butyes and then you want to put that inokay so I’m going to pop it in the ovennow for 12 to 14 minutes so I’m gonnaset 30 seconds[Applause]then they just wait so now you want totake your cookies out I ended up doingthem for like 30 minutes and I’vealready turned the oven off I’m gonnabreak more better take them out now nowjust gonna let them rest for probablyabout 20 minutes but you know who mighteat the other one probably about 5minutesthey don’t really good and I’m sure theytaste amazingor maybe a little bit of that but theyare going to set now for about 20minutes they are quite soft but don’tworry no they will say yes I hope youenjoyed watching this video I hope youenjoyed making them if you’re makingthem and I will see you next weekthis video will go one week and one dayout late but I forgot and I left it waytoo late but I’ll try and do you make ofit is now yes thanks for watching[Music]

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