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Sister squad making cookies today 🍪🍪

Today we decided to make video on ultimate passion of my kids that is chocolate chip cookies so let’s see how these girls are making cookies and let us know what kind of cookies you like to eat so
We can add in another video.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

chocolate chip so guys I’m gonna show
you which tools you’re gonna need to
make the cookie first I need a spatula
any type of mixing bowl so these are the
ingredients you’re gonna need one
softened stick butter and 1 large egg so
let’s get started my sister ready add
ingredients now
there we go
next we’re gonna need one butter soft
butter stick all of us
hi pardon I’m a portion the I flop
somewhere X popped in here then break
it’s not breaking
I did it I did it
what are my egg my sloppy now let’s mix
the open
my sister’s nephew she that’s doing
pretty good
flying through the shining white ones
so guys I’m done mixing us those white
stuff were actually nothing
like look at my Bobby’s elbow goes
without action genuine yeah grab some to
make a ball it it in just it just feels
so New Year’s thinks of all over top of
kissing it okay Oh
about that this one’s gonna be
so guys I’ve done and we actually could
eat the cookie back it tastes delicious
like this and now it’s time for the
decorating plan but we have
I’m gonna make a very good one I’m
puzzled operatives and mmm together it’s
like three I’m like the chocolate chips
look like your ears are out the side of
the ball because they look like Oh
where’s I’m an end
or perfect
I love Eminem but chocolate chips are
much better than chocolate chips and
ended up dropping and I just decided to
like put M&Ms on everyone thing first
and then put some chocolate chips
baby because I love chocolate chip with
mmm unnie only have one on this
oh good I always love doing understood
what that’s so many of the names heat
the oven for 350 degrees so guys the
hockey lines are getting big
it’s raining and it’s glorious fine oh
man it’s not
that’s a perfect song to sing on the
reason so god it’s gonna be so excited
even that’s the best part
relaxing and fresh down your rainy day
one nice
some guy up cookies are frightening
finally my sister’s cookies look like a
subway cook – with Gregory I’m so
excited to try them gotta burst ward
it’s two layers a cupcake
by drowning
so it’s test time to see the best part
finally I just want to eat them so let’s
go buy chocolate my life is like a
brownie got my cousin by that’s a
conscious time to try to color
so god I am John about Biden actually
bumpy on the top news we’re to comment
down below which other cookie recipes
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