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Recreating my First Youtube Video | Make Christmas Cookies with Us *Fail*

Today I recreated my first YouTube video! we made christmas cookies and it didn’t they didn’t look or taste as good as we wanted! and you may be asking “Decker where is your first video?” well I have it as a private video because it was so bad filmed and bad quality! Hope you enjoy the video! Thank you for watching! Make sure to give this video a huge thumbs up and Subscribe down below! See You guys next time! Also make sure to turn your post Notifications on!

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I am a 17 year old boy living in the good ol New Hampshire! I love to film video, loves to laugh, travel the world, and hang out with friends! I started youtube in October 2018! If you haven’t all ready joined are small family just hit that subscribe button down below! Love you guys! See you in the next one!

I do not own any of the music used in the video!

Cameras I use: Nikon D3300
Go Pro Hero 4
Cannon Dslr
What do I use to edit?
Adobe Preimer Pro

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

guys Eckhart Kelly here welcome back toanother YouTube video so I’m recreatingmy first youtube video of makingChristmas cookies so we’re gonna makeChristmas cookies and recreate the videobut it’s gonna be bigger and better okayso we’re recreating my Christmas cookieblog and we’re going to Walmart to getall this stuff I feel like this isenough stuff to write to Walmart got allof our stuff so I’ll show you what wegotso it’s not just a basic bag of sugarcookies ristmas cookies sugar connectslike sprinkles or something big jug offrosting like little bags of frostingand another little bag of frosting I’mupdating the vlog we had to take alittle intermission go to Market Basketbecause this calls for one stick ofbutter and we don’t have any butter sowe will go to the grocery store and comeback and then make the cookie got backmarks basket we got to stopso no more informations we got thebutter okay so whisk it’s getting a geneno this is a wreck cuz I need one it’sneeds to walk Walker because it doesn’thave any of liquids in therehow much eggs do you put – yes no shellsdon’t eat that Josie we’re gonna makehave so much dish in the holey we will Ican wash the dishes okay well you’rewatching dishes yeah well I’m notwatching but so if you can look at ourbatter I have a too much butter so nowwe have to add some aftermarket sway atiny bit step like probably like stepsix or something now just for makinglittle balls to put on so update on ourvlog more hidden put cookies in the ovenand and of the brain are finishing thislast pan now we’ve got to clean up ourmess and get ready for decorating Josiebeing a mom and washing the dishes knowher and and then we also we wipe to thecounter so they’re all ready to decoratethe cookies those are the second batchthat are going on the other[Music]hey Morgan you check them for me alittle bit more okay so we are not nolike chefs or anything so we don’t knowif they don’t cooked or not so they’re alittle like savvy like you can liketouch them they’re squishy so I hopethey harden up and then the next batchis in the oven right now these ones youknow Morgan decided me good idea guys sothis is like midway through oh my okaymidway through decorating we dump thesecookies some are in the freezer andMorgan’s like decorating them look athers like she’s doing so good and we’relike finished baking our cookiesMorgan’s finishing up her last couple onbecause she’s really turning hard onthese we have three more cookies theycan look great but let me just show youthe ones I’ve made it’s very nice apiecethis oneOh brand yeah you can tell all thecookies are decorated and it’s all niceand clean yeah and look at this thinkit’s all clean dishwashers on okay guysso yeah it’s all finished and this islike recreating my very first youtubevideo and I’m gonna try to insert clipsin my old first video but I don’t knowif I’ll be able to find those clips soI’m hoping this videos much better thanthat one we’ve came a long way in oneyear we’ve gained 116 subscribersone year I guess it’s not the best butit’s something so that’s the end oftoday’s video make sure to give a bigthumbs up and hit that subscribe buttondown below and I’ll see you guys in nextweek’s video[Music]

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