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random vlog: baking cookies! ft ken || mary olan

one day, ken asked me if we can bake cookies and so we did hahaha! it’s quite a random vlog but it was very fun and i’m glad i filmed it!! it was a chill day so there’s no actual ~ story ~ to this vlog hahah

[yes, you might recognise him from an old vid!! haha that’s him]

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey hello Mabuhay it Mary and welcome toanother video and I’m really telling youbefore Hannah this is a very random vlogso if that’s not your kind of thing thenfeel free to exit but yeah I hope youguys enjoy this wee little vlog of myfriend and I baking sugarwhat baking can do man no yes ask me alot of them how sugar moneyyeah no no medicines but really can cando like the ones super popular is sheused to be mine I mean oh I know it Iknow it I know this event the preheatedoven for um because we need torefrigerate the dough we[Music][Applause][Music]all right they’re minutes yes ma’amyeah I called it wait is that whitesugar first we have a supreme this punchflower[Laughter]Oh in Braille Oh[Applause]just to get the way your ex Terry smartguy he didn’t want people back their exon the rim of the book why becauseyou’re more likely to knock the wholething over you get the shell and then[Applause]you’re in the bad luck it’s like kickone ground wall yeah everything is onegrandma yes oh I’m gonna give you a veryfun job to dooctopus sorry you can is it this both ofthem no wait yeah anything initiative toyou I’m always the one in charge offinding recipe Sunday whoa thissometimes does – I quit I don’t evenknow what I’m doing[Music]good lovely say I come leader trust melike this the girl everything I’llbe readywhat if what if you didn’t use a mixerbut if you use a spoon then you’d be alot talking but it’s a thing startingupon the side of the thing to break itdown if that make senseremember we’re in the same here but ifyou think I don’t need your muscles canit’s like every piece is stuck insideuse the small spatula to get the doughout of the wouldn’t what oh we’re likehand-done generally I take 100 ish gramsof dough and make that into one cookieso that’s why I’m hereout here usually it’s like three ohyou’re good I washed my hands don’tworry it’s very sticky to normalyeah these does the extra one grabeverything so I think you might have toput it in the freezer for more than 50minute you believe this oh that’s toomuchoh no that’s time to go baby get a bowlyeah or do we them what are you doing Irealize I thought you just putting themthat conveniently oh yeah that one goesfrom either freely is she full naillet’s do one day ona have I’m placingthe cookies like this I just have to putthis in the freezer and then we’ll ballthe others yeah yeah you know so yeahyeah to refrigeratewait oh my god I promise my father’s[Music][Laughter]crazynothing it another cute wait again areyou finding that mr. no your followers Iwant to see that side of me video we’remaking balls nice okay hundred gramsI usually giving biklen yeah I think sogood now hello so these next few clipswere actually filmed on a different datebecause I forgot to film their rest ofthe process yeah but I know that this isa very random vlog but I enjoy puttingit together and if you guys want an indepth cookie recipe video let me know myboo bye

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