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Bodega Cookies (Nutella Stuffed)

Nutella Stuffed Cookies

Jake hits the streets to source out all the ingredients for this extra special cookie recipe!

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Video Transcription

hey what’s up everyone it’s jakedietrich here at junior Dietz and todaywe’re hanging out and making cookies sothis is one of my favorite recipes itwas probably one of the first pastryrecipes that I ever took time to developit will always remind me of my time herein New York City and the early days ofliving and cooking here but before weput this together we got to head out andget the ingredients let’s rock so Ideveloped these cookies with New York onmy mind now if it’s late and you havecravings for something sweet you can popdown to any bodega in your neighborhoodand grab all the ingredients for thisdish so I call bodega cookies[Music]pick up a big bag Domino’s sugar brownsugar flour butter unsalted butter eggsdo everything’s here baking soda somesalt secret ingredient gel that’s itthat’s all let’s get out of hereso we’re back from the bodega we goteverything we need herebut first hang on[Music]get a chef up first take a small sheetpan and your secret of beating NutellaI’m gonna create you little Mattel a–balls with this this is really tasty I’mjust gonna set it out now depending onthe size of your cookies in the freezerokay while those are chilling we can getstarted on everything elseAlvin’s on to 375 let’s go first dryingredients okay I’m going to put thedry ingredients into a smaller bowl andit’s gonna require two and a quartercups AP flour and a half teaspoon ofbaking soda I’m gonna mix that up giveit a stirbutter you got a quarter cup of lightlypacked light brown sugar if all you haveis dark brown sugar that’s cool too 3/4cups granulated sugar for me I like todo everything by hand in the kitchen asmuch as I can I’d like to follow it wasa Michael Pollan wrote a great bookcalled food rules and he said eat allthe dessert you want he dessert wheneveryou want the only rule is you have tomake it yourself and I’d like to takethat one step further you have to makeit yourselfbut make it all by handget a bit of a workout that way to showyou up close and personal here what thislooks like is my technique for creamingthe sugar there’s like there move itaround and you’re scraping with the backend of this fork beautiful beautifulbeautiful you want this to be reallylight and really fluffy it’s also gonnahelp the cookie be a little bit morelighter and chewy orcakier which is what I want to createwith this cookie here today okaynext to room-temperature eggs again veryimportant guys on the temperature and Iwant to do two teaspoons of vanillaextractgive it that pop of flavor and about ateaspoon of salt now back to it whoneeds a stand mixer right I want this tobe super light super fluffy minor cutteryou take a spatula and I’m gonna slowlyincorporate the dry ingredients into thewet ingredients start with that about athird of ithis wife said work in a big bowl youknow mix this so let’s just barely comeup togetherreally wait more work it work it work itwork it work it work girlso you want to come in together almostlike a shaggy doe we’ve used that wordbefore shaggy doe check it up shaggy dohokay I hope you said it I really reallyhope you say I’m here working hardmaking your cookies the least you can dois say shaggy go check it out okay herewe go shaggy this is good Rick have asheet pan lined with parchment paper I’mgonna pull everything out here now realsimple we’re gonna take one of theselittle Nutella drops and a clump of thecookie dough we’re just gonna roll themup into a little ball and place them onour baking sheet okay I can make them asbig or as small as you wantroll them up in a little ball set themdown nicely there you go those arelooking good we have our egg wash spreada little bit on top of each one whereall these ingredients have beenpurchased at the bodega you want to makeit look as if you got it from the vanJohn Georgemake it nice I didn’t make that up youknow who did comment belownow they might not have this at thebodegaI’m sorry to admit but if you followthis show you might have this in yourpantry it smelled in salt it’s great onsavory and sweet I love to top dessertswith this especially ones with chocolateso I’m just gonna sprinkle a little bitand then I’m gonna give you a reallygood up close look on this before I putthem in the oven I’m gonna pop these inthe oven for about 12 minutes shut upthis asshole right here come on manooh people are pissed that’s exactly whyI don’t drive a nice city bikeeverywhere excellently twelve minutes[Music]these looked pretty much perfect sweetsalty cakey chocolatey deliciousness[Music]there you have itbodega cookies whoodo you say we dig into these[Music][Music]hmm like comment try them at homeseriously and let me know what you thinkthank you[Music]didn’t know there’s a Jacquespépin here Tambor get some almond milkmmm Jerris

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