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Perfect chocolate chip cookie

This video is a tutorial on how to bake chocolate chip cookies perfectly. You will be satisfied with your result of a perfect chocolate chip cookie being chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Please like and subscribe to my channel to support me so, I can upload more how to bake videos.

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Video Transcription

[Music]so for the first vid I’m gonna start offby teaching you how to bake a chocolatechip cookie so first off you you’regonna need one cup of softened butterwhich is I got this salted so in thisrecipe if you don’t if you don’t havesalted butter then you’re gonna want toadd extra salt later on in the recipenext you’re gonna want half a cup ofwhite sugar one cup of brown sugar twoeggs organic or non-organic this isoptional but you can add sliced almondsto your recipe and this is one and ahalf cups of chocolate chips but ifyou’re gonna be adding any type of nutslike almonds or walnuts then you’regonna be wanting to add 1 and 1/4 cup ofchocolate chips you’re gonna be needinga bit of baking soda vanilla and 2 cupsof all-purpose flour and I use this onethis is the bread I use for Oliver’sfodder and this is the brand I use formy sliced almonds first off what we’regonna do is get our 1 cup of softenedbutter remember softened butter is justabout room temperature as you can seecloser up it’s just more of a littlemelted texture it be wanting to happenonce you’ve got your 1 cup of softenedbutter you’re gonna want one you’regoing to want to add in your 1 cup ofbrown sugar and also your 1/2 cup ofwhite sugar now I would recommend itpretty much is mixing it with a spatulaas I have here a spatula is pretty muchthe easiest way to mix your way throughor of course you can you can use a standmixer of any type to mix it or even ahand mixer is fine so once you’re goingto be wanting to mix this for a solidminutes until you got a creamy type oftexturewell guys I just finished completelymixing the dough now what we’re gonna dois we’re gonna be getting our two eggsif your aren’t the most advanced incracking eggs then I would recommendcracking it into a different Bowl likethis to make sure that no egg shellscome in but I’m just gonna do it forwardso now once you added you know two eggsremember you want to have two eggs afteryou’re done with that you want to getyou a vanilla vanilla extract you wantto add just watch you want to add justabout that much you’re gonna want to mixthis nice is it now what we need to dobefore I know it’s really tempting toadd in the chocolate chips is your[Music]it’s about so once you’re done with thatreally[Music]and now you want to keep putting this[Music]see now you can all tell well I justfinished completely mixing up the doughso now what we’re gonna do after I justcleaned up everything what we’re gonnado is first grease your pan but beforethat I’ve already preheated my oven to350 degrees Fahrenheit make sure to dothat so first of all we’re going to needto do is to grease your pan I’m justusing normal cooking spray and yourcooking spray or you can even butter itit’s all your choice but just rememberto spray it your pan because you don’twant your cookies to get not being ableto take it outwhat Your Honor what do you guys want todo is if you already have an ice creamscoop it should be pretty perfect andfor you to get it so should make oneperfect cookie this pan makes about sixcookies so there’s what a very goodmethod for you to scoop up so just getto normal spoons and scoop up some goodsized dough about the entire spoon takeit and scoop it out with your otherspoon place it onto the pan and justsqueeze it in a little bit you want tospread it out just a bit so it’s amazinggood once you come back I’m just gonnafinish up all the rest well I justfinished completely getting all thecookies onto the tray and now all we’regonna do well before actually some stepyou could add is putting this into thefreezer for like an hour at the leastwhich will help all of it to come backdown to cool down to all the sametemperature because the reason behindthis is all your ingredients you’veadded they’re all in various differenttemperatures one may be in the freezeror refrigerator or maybe even in thecupboard so I would say the best way toget the best result of your cookies tospread the best is I would say to put itthe freezer is the best option but Ireally want to eat cookies soso I have just added it into the ovenand it will take about 12 to 15 minutesto completely fully baked I just got mygloves on safety is always importantguys it’s been about 12 to 15 minutes ofthe cookies baking just to pick over I’mpretty sure so I think it’s pretty muchabout time oh my goodness they lookamazing they’re perfect golden browncookies just look at them but firstbefore before you want to you couldimmediately take it out but I wouldrecommend at least letting it cool downfor a couple two to three minutes sowhile that’s cooling down I want to talkabout a couple of things you can do toget the cookies to a couple of tips tomake them even better I didn’t reallyfollow it because I really wanted to eatcookies so I’ll just be telling youright now these chocolate chocolate chipcookies so first of all if you want tostore it I already put my dough into thefreezer or it could be the freezer for ashort amount of period or if you want toyou can save it up to five days in therefrigerator it will still stay good andwill be completely perfect and if youdon’t want to add in the almond italways tastes a bit better but if youwant to be a little more healthy sidealways always recommend putting any typeof net such as almonds or walnuts sothis is just the perfect type of cookiesyou’re just gonna take them out rightnow and plate them up for the finishthey are perfectly good and this is theplated finish of the cookies they lookamazingnow I’m just gonna show you guys how itlooks when you break it up that’s justthe perfect golden chewy in on theinside and crunchy on the outside that’swhat you like too that’s what you wantto see

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