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Pecan Sablé Cookies Recipe Demonstration –

Recipe here: Stephanie Jaworski of demonstrates how to make Pecan Sablé Cookies.
Pecan Sablé Cookies are a French Butter Cookie, also known as a Breton Biscuit. The name ‘Sablé’ is French for “sand”, which refers to the sandy texture of this delicate and crumbly cookie. The buttery rich flavor is similar to a shortbread cookie, with the addition of toasted pecans which adds a nice caramel flavor. I love how the tops of the unbaked cookies are brushed with an egg wash which gives them a glossy sheen. A perfect snack with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi I’m Stephanie Jaworski of Joey bakingcalm today we’re going to make pecansawblade cookies and this is what theylook like this is a French butter cookieand they are buttery rich with theflavors of toasted pecans and just ahint of cinnamon and the texture is sowonderful it’s crisp and crumbly just areally nice tasting cookie so the firstthing we will need to do is to toast ourpecans so pre-heat your oven to 350degrees Fahrenheit which is 180 degreesCelsius and you will need one cup whichis 100 grams of pecans and put them on abaking sheet and put them in the ovenfor about 6 to 8 minutes until they’relightly Brown and you can start to smellthe pecans and then take them out andI’ve already done that step and this iswhat they look like and let the pecanscool completely and then what we’regoing to do is finely chop them now youcan do it if you have a food processorwhich I do I’m gonna do it in the foodprocessor but if not just a cuttingboard with a sharp knife and just finelychop them either way and this is a stepthat you could do ahead of time you knoweven the day before if you want so putthem in there and now when you’re usinga food processor maybe you know watchthem you don’t want them to turn if youprocess them too much they will actuallyturn into a paste so just you know bemindful of thatall right if you have a few largerpieces of pecans don’t worry just makescookies better so I’m just gonna putthis in a bowl and then we will be rightback and I will start our batter so nowfor our batter if you have a stand mixerlike I have here use your paddleattachment you could use a hand mixer orreally for this cookie we’re not justmixing all the ingredients together wedon’t want to incorporate a lot of airbecause this type of cookie is verydense in texture so you could just do itby hand in a large bowl with the woodenspoon the first thing you will need is14 tablespoons which is 200 grams butterhave your butter at room temperature I’musing unsalted butter I like the flavorof unsalted Plus that way I couldcontrol the amount of salt in the recipebut you can use salted butter and thenjust use or just leave out the salt inthe recipe now today this is a buttercookie there’s not a lot of you knowdifferent flavors so I am using a whatif you live in the States what is calleda European style butter which reallytranslates into higher fat content whichmeans we’ll have a real nice butteryflavor to our cookie and it also helpswith the create the crisp and kind ofcrumbly texture so if you want to usethat I mean you can use just yourregular butter it’ll still tastefantastic but for a treat you can usethe European style so now what I’m goingto do is just beat this on medium lowspeed just until it’s nice and smooth[Music]okay and as always when you’re makingany kind of batteryou know periodically scrape down thesides and the bottom of your bowlespecially the bottom you want to makesure all your ingredients get mixedtogether so next we are going to add 2/3of a cup which is 135 grams ofgranulated white sugar along with 1 and1/2 teaspoons 6 grams of pure vanillaextract and then I’m just gonna beatthis on medium speed just untileverything’s mixed together again Idon’t want to incorporate a lot of airbecause we want a really nice densetextured cookie[Applause]okay it’s all mixed together and nowwe’re going to add one large egg that’s50 grams out of the shell and have youregg at room temperature put that inthere and again beat it on medium speedjust until it’s all mixed in[Applause][Music]okay so we’re done that so now for ourdry ingredients in a separate bowl Ihave two cups which is two hundred andsixty grams of all-purpose flour plainflour to that I’m adding just a half ateaspoon of ground cinnamon I don’t wantthe pecans with the just a touch ofcinnamon really makes a wonderful flavorand then I’m adding a half a teaspoon tograms of kosher salt like I said at thebeginning if you used salted butter Iwould just leave out that salt and thenI’m just using a wire whisk you just usea fork spoon except you have no bakingpowder again as I’ve said we want adense textured cookie so we don’t wantany of baking soda baking powder so nowI’m just going to add all the flouralong with our toasted pecans YUMand then beat this slow way I don’t wantcoming up in my face here just untileverything’s mixed together[Applause][Music]okay we’re done that wasn’t too hard sonow what we’re gonna do we’re gonna dolike a slice and bake cookie so we’regoing to roll this into a log shape youcan roll it round rectangles square formit into whatever shape you want and ifyou wanted to I’m sure someone will askcould you make this into a cuddle cookieyes you could you could just divide thedough in half like we’re going to do andthen roll it between two sheets ofeither wax paper or parchment paper andthen chill it and then cut the cookiesout that way if you want so I am goingto divide this in half which would be300 I mean you can just put it on thecounter and eyeball it but I’m going tobe precise here 375 grams per halfokay and then on a lightly flouredsurface since you’re using all-purposeflour with this I’m going to roll it andI’m gonna do a round today six inches inlength 15 centimeters for each one ifyou’re like the dough is soft but Icould still roll it if yours was reallysoft and you could just pop it into therefrigerator for you just a little youknow maybe 15 minutes until you can rollit now when you’re doing around whattypically happens to dough is soft onceI roll it up and if I put it into therefrigerator it’s going to kind of sinkdown flatten a bitso what I’m what i do is i do my initialround and then i put it in the fridgeand then maybe a half an hour later icheck it if it’s getting a little firm itake it out and i can roll it to getthat you know a nice circle otherwisewhich is fine you tend to maybe havelike an oval shape but if you were likegiving these as a gift or something youwant that perfectly round that’s how youget it so this is six inches so like Isaid that’s what I’m gonna doI’m gonna put it in the fridge and thentake it out in a little bit and get itinto that really nice round so I’m notgonna be too fussy right now and thenjust take some plastic wrap or you coulduse you know parchment wax paper andjust roll it up and then like that I’mgonna put it into the refrigerator andthen you want this to be we’re gonnaslice it and bacon off so you want thisnice and firm so I would say severalhours you could even leave it overnightor actually this is a great do a head Icould put this once I get the shape Iwant put it into the freezer and justfreeze it and then you can just you knowdefrost it and slice and bake and youcouldfor you know about a month so that’swhat I’m gonna do and then when we comeback we will slice and bake our cookiesso now we are ready to slice and bakeour cookies so pre-heat your oven to 325degrees Fahrenheit which is 165 degreesCelsius then you’ll need a baking sheetline it with parchment paper like I’vedone hereor you could lightly butter it or evenoil it or spray it with one of thosenonstick spray so now like I said youwant your log to be really chilled a lotof times what I do is make if I’m gonnamake them right away I do let this chillovernight that that way I make sure it’sreally cold so I’m you know kind ofalmost a circle maybe a little ovalshape but the best thing to do and thenwhen you take typically the ends are notperfect so what you want to do is slicethat off and then what I’m gonna do isslice the cookies which I’ve alreadydone most of them into a quarter inchthick slices which is about a half acentimeter so like I said what I firstdo is just to even up I just cut off theend for myself I ought you should bakethat off and then that would be for meand then I use a ruler and I just make alittle notch and then sharp knife andslice down like so and that’s how I doit what’s good is you can like this is a6-inch log which will give us at aquarter inch 24 cookies this about youknow say if you have the ends maybe 45to 48 cookies but and the thing is youcan just slice and bake twelve like I’mdoing here and then wrap the just backup put it in the fridge or in thefreezers so you can kind of have thembake on demand now what we’re gonna do Idon’t know whether you know the cookieshave a really nice shiny top so we’regonna do an egg wash so one large egg 50grams heavier eight at room temperatureand I’m going to add just a half atablespoon ofcream I’m just using like a half and ahalf you could use a light cream youcould use a heavy cream you could reallyjust use milk because it’s just thinningit out of course the higher the fatright more taste and then you will needa pastry brush and I’m going to lightlybrush the tops with the egg wash now ifyou wanted like a really extra shinyshiny top sometimes what I do is I doone coating I let it the egg wash sitfor a few minutes and then I brush themagain I’m not gonna do that today so I’mgonna to show you now you could justleave them plain I often do or you couldtake like of a pecan halves that I havetoasted and you could put a rate in thecenter cookie the good thing about thatis when people look at it they know ohlisten pecan cookie so they don’t haveto taste it to know they can just lookat sometimes what I do is take somefinely chopped pecans like we did I’lldo a little let you know when we did itat the beginning we finally ground themI just do a little extra for the tops ofcookies I think that looks really prettyand sometimes I leave them plain or youcould even put some coarse white orbrown sugar on there that’s really niceand what I like is kind of like yourthree different cookies oh two one soI’m just gonna finish this off okay so Iforgot to say when you’re putting eitherthe pecan halves or even the finelychopped and then once you put them onthere just kind of lightly press thenuts into the cookie so they’ll adhereso now to bake our pecan cookies we wantthese to be like a real golden brownthe longer you bake them the more thatcrisp and crumbly which is justfantasticso I’m gonna say 20 minutes and you wantto rotate your baking sheet front toback about halfway through but like Isaid you want them a real nicegolden-brown which I will show you whatyou’re looking for when they come outokay so our cookies are readyso put your pan on a wire rack don’tthey look pretty uh as you can seethey’re golden brown that’s what you’relooking for and we put that egg wash onnot only does it give it a nice shine toour cookies but it also aids in browningas well so I I just think they’d look Ilike the difference where you put thewhole pecans and then some choppedpecans and then just plain so what I’mgoing to do is let them cool completelyin there on the in the pan on the pan inthe pan and then I’ll use my spatulatransfer them over to a wire rack soonce they cool down we’ll come back andtry one so let’s try one I’m going totry the one with the finely groundpecans on there or pecansthe texture first I’ll talk abouttexture it is crisp and it is crumblyreally really nice texture to it andthen of course you have the toastedpecans just that hint of cinnamon andthen of course lots of butter so they’rebuttery rich you know for for a cookieno you know it’s a simple what I wouldcall simple cookies you don’t have a lotof like chocolate chips and lots of nutsand dried fruit ooh all of that just avery plain simple cookie it’s all aboutthe flavor and the texture and it like Isaid I I like to even when they’re plainlooking just with the the sheen on thetop very nice but of course decoratethem it’s good too I kind of like thewhen you do them do them like the threedifferent ways gives people choices sothese will keep probably a week if youstore them at room temperatureagain you could once they’re baked youcould freeze them or like I said you canbake the the log off before you bakewhich is really a nice do ahead if youwanted to like for Christmas orsomething like that so you must try thiscookie and until next time I’m StephanieJaworski of joy baking calm[Music]

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  4. Thank you ma’am. I love how the cookies turned out. Hope to try it soon. Love from Nigeria….

  5. Yummmmmmmmmnyyyyyy , I learned baking from ur channel , thank you so much for uploading awesome recipes

  6. I saw that doggo nose,aww.Great cookie recipe,a nice change from all the cookie ingredient overload.Be lovely with a cup of tea.Look forward to trying these,Thank you ,Stephanie.

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