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Peanut butter cake cookies – the bakey chef

The title isn’t a typo by the way, these are like if a cake and a cookie had a baby.
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Video Transcription

hey everyone welcome to my kitchen Ihope they’re locked I was treating youwell or as well as it can anyway todayI’m gonna make some peanut butter cakecookies it’s perfect with me but they dosort of come out like to mix betweencake and cookies so uh yes pretty coolname I think but the recipe is basicallya well the base of it is you’ve probablyseen it doing the rounds on in thatPicasso I’ve seen that couple of timesanyway it’s the free ingredient cookierecipe which is gluten free cuz flour islike God dust at moment but I’ve managedto get my hands on a bear flour and Ithink I’ve made the recipe for thatbetter by adding flour but obviously ifyou’re allergic to gluten it wouldn’t bebetter so just be the first part of therecipe but anyway I will stop banging onso first most important part of therecipe is the peanut butter looks lovelyyou don’t have to use a dog bowl by theway but I am disclaimer this isn’t thedog bra but yeah I’m using a sugar-freepeanut butter because we had it incupboard so it doesn’t look veryappetizingbut if you use wide you can use any sortof peanut butter so you just used thatnormal like yellow peanut butterobviously that’s got loads of sugar andstuff in there and I’ve got out at themoment and then got absum add some suregot a funny enough so the amount ofsugar really depends on the type of beanabout youbut obviously as I said this issugar-free peanut butter so they used toadd a bit extra some add in a hundredgrams of yogurt any type of sugar I’musing brown sugar and liqueurs I thinkdone it gives a bit of a more caramellike real long and I like that but youcan use any type even just normal whitesugar be fine and then last but notleast you need to add an egg correctorand lovely though ronk in before becauseon scared of craft and nikon cameras toprefer so you just give that a mixtogether this peanut butter is quitequite hard this is where the hours of myseptic herbs are really really come intotheir own just mix that together andyeah so this is basically the freeingredient well not basically it istherefore ingredient cookie recipe so ifyou wanted to make these I would advisechilling this mess in the fridge forabout 15 minutes after you’ve made itbecause as you can see it’s quite a wetmix her husband got anything boy debt asa mainland so it’ll be quite hard toquite hard to form and if you chill itin the fridge in theory you should beable to like roll it into boobs I’m doneit’d be quite a button think stay withlike kids or whatever but yeah I’m notdoing this today and I’m not going toshow the next yearbecause well I’m just doing itdefinitely I’m careful maverick lastlast thing to make an a more cake lightthing take cookie hybrid is that adds abit of flour so I’ve just got 50 gramsof self-raising flour here so I’m justgonna add that now again just give thata bit of a mix and as you’ll see it sortof comes together a bit more bit overlike better consistency try and try andmix it quite well get rid of all theflour because no one just wants to be inraw flour today well some people mightbut I think that’d be quite a weirdthing to do so that’s about done so as Isaid if you’ve if you’ve got extra timeyou can chill this mix in the fridge andthen it’ll be easier to fall mind youcan form it by hands and like gettingmeter and all that and Adam yeah nopelook need my space but I’m obviously notdoing that today say just you want to doabout half a tablespoon of the mixtureyou should be able to get about eightwell hopefully I with this amount themixture I got a nice one come out youMartha I think I was six off timeactually say I’m a liar say you’ll getsix obviously you could usemore more peanut butter or just makinbest mortar but he really wants to dothat these days because mental healthorder I did only money to go six and asI said if you’ve chilled at Mexico youprobably would be able to get a bit inthe ER but I haven’t done that as youcan see so I’m just gonna put them in apreheated oven now a hundred and sixtydegrees for exactly that’s scarywhat exactly 12 minutes that’s veryimportant you don’t want to go more than12 minutes because they’ll get to set Ilike them to be a bit cakey in themiddle okay it’s been exactly 12 minutesnow no more than less well actually telllike it’s been 13 minutes so you knowbut you already knew I did think I wasgoing to be eight in there same six mybetter lawyer fresh out the oven andwell what do you think I think they’repretty amazing to be fair but anyway thelast and possibly weren’t the mostimportant pot well not not as importantas the stuff of dosing up obviously butequally as important if you say it isthe resting time you need to let themchill for an hour I know it’s reallyhard but made them the other day andalmost killed me doing that but you havegotta wait for him to cool down becauseyou want them all to be set and stuff inthe middle but anyway yes so you need tobe that but for now here’s another shotof them Vicit’s amazing on it I’m very proud thatso yeah just let them call for an hourand there you have it there’s a peanutbutter cake cookies so let me know whatyou think if you try it then let me knowI can give you a more detailed recipe ifyou need it but yeah happy baking andtry to keep saying them look down please

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