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EASY peanut butter COOKIES and fruit dessert

A very easy & delicious peanut butter cookies that are gluten free and tasty 😋 I hope you enjoy 😉
Recipe :
250gr of peanut butter
150 gr of sugar
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
12 tsp salt
1 large beaten egg
Fruits of your choice if you’d like to make a bigger cookie 🍪 and whipped cream!
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Video Transcription

[Music]hello everyone hope you all good todayI’m gonna do my version of a lovelydelicious peanut butter cookies that Ilearned when I was in Bali Malou with myown twist on it very simple butdelicious gorgeous is they change andleave your comments below thank you somuchfirst mix 250 grams of peanut butter anda hundred 50 grams of sugar of yourchoice brown or white mix all togetherinto a dough with your hands after thatII was 1 teaspoon of baking soda 1/2teaspoon of salt and 1 beaten egg andmix all together mix all youringredients together into a dough againyou have a tray with parchment paper youdo little balls like that the size of awalnut place here all over the trade[Music]now with a perk you press like that nowopen 180 degreestap 12 minutes okay now you take whatyou have left using smoke Pyrex or asmall tray and we are going to do abigger one make a ball with the doughyou have left flatten it with the palmof your hand and it transferred to theTrain use your fingers to spread overthe trayall right a hundred eighty degrees 1012minutes[Music]ten units and Dorrieyou just need to H about three fourminutes and then with your answer to ourwire you can just transfer from the trayto a wire rack correct look gorgeousthe same process should be followed withthe bigger one when it’s cool you arewhipped cream and the fruits of yourchoice for decoration look at these guysvery easy to make is a lovely cookiethat you turn into a lovely fruit chargeeasy to make for the kids for yourselfand gluten-free thank you so much forwatching bye

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