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No-Cook Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Recipe| Easy recipe| Only 8 Steps | Oreo Ice Cream

Learn How to make easy homemade cookies ice cream



1)14 chocolate sandwich cookies.

2)1 cup half and half.

3)1 cup granulated sugar.

4)1 cup sour cream.

5)2 cups heavy cream.

6)1 teaspoon vanilla extract.

7)1/8 teaspoon salt.


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Video Transcription

how to make cookies ice creamingredients 114 CH orchid sandwichcookies – 1 cup granulated sugarthree one cup sour cream for two cupsheavy cream 5 1 teaspoon vanilla extractone-eighth teaspoon saltone baked cookies into five or sixpieces each put one-third of cookiepieces in a blender and pulse to crushinto finer crumbles transfer to a smallbowl and set crumbles and pieces asidewith half-and-half and sugar in blenderand blend at low speed until sugar isdissolved about one minutestep 3 I’d sour cream and blend for 30secondsstep four add heavy cream vanilla andsalt and blend for 30 more secondsfive pour cream mixture into freeze aunit of an ice cream maker and start tojoin according to manufacturer’sdirectionssix once ice cream is thick enough tohold a shape I had cookie pieces andcrumbles – ice cream base continued tochurn until thick and mixture isstarting to freeze hard around edges offreezer bowlf7 quickly scoop out ice-cream andtransfer to a metal bull order thefreezer safe container cover well withplastic wrap and freeze until firm atleast 5 hoursstep 8 serve in bowls on cones or with aslice of angel food cake

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