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VLOG | Easter Lockdown Style, Making Healthy Cookies, Shrimp Scampi

Vlog April 12-18, 2020

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Outro | Little Heart by Jessica Williams

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Video Transcription

[Music]when you ask you know needs to run youknow you’re you can’t really open itjust look at it what’s that voice Wowdon’t touch my minutes Batman bladeheart okay I thought these were so funnylet me see it they’re actually bunniesmilk chocolate that’s gonna last twodays probably your favorite funny as thelight died he’s okay i’ma start makingsome breads all right for brunch we gotsome deviled eggs they’re not theprettiest cuz I didn’t pipe them I justspooned him in so we got some doubledings we’ve got biscuits um thank you Ihaven’t worn makeup in days I thoughtEaster when I look and I he’s in stilldress up and celebrate uh with thefamily this morning like you guysthought we did the Easter basket and mebrunch and everyone just relaxing and Ithought I would do a little bit ofmakeup so I’m gonna share with you whatI already put on my face cuz I thoughtabout this as I started doing my eyes soI have the it cosmetics CC cream I choseto use this little today but I also havemy Mary Kay CC cream that I recently cutopen because I’m almost out of it so Ikind of either go in between the itcosmetics or the Mary KayI am in the shade fair in the cosmeticsand then light no very light in the MaryKay ever mattifying primer I’ve beenusing this a lot just on my t-zone areaI don’t really use a primer everywhere Idid also wear a sunscreen this one’s theMary Kay timewise age minimize 3d withthe day cream with SPF 30 on it so I didthat underneath my foundation and thenfor my concealer I use the Too FacedBorn This Way concealer and I’m in theshade Swan and then I step my under eyewith this urban decay powder this UrbanDecay powder is really like nicecoverage for your entire face but it’s alittle too light for me so that’s why Ilike setting my under eye with it and Iran out of my hourglass diffuse light soI’ve actually already hit pan on thisthis is in the shade 10 NN and then Iused the Too Faced peach perfect settingpowder for the rest of my faceI use the Park Avenue princess Tartebronzer from contour areas I use thelorac baked matte satin blush andexposed for my cheeks I wanted somethinglike princess flushed you know like howyou have that more like rosy cheek I’vebeen doing a lot of and that’s so prettyI’ve been doing a lot of peachy tonesfor months so I wanted something justlike cherry cheeks and then for myhighlight rock this highlight is sobeautiful and so natural glowy lookinglike look at that I love it it’s theNatasha Danone aglow and this is the allover the globe face and powder andnumber one light it doesn’t look likeanything super crazy in the pan but it’sjust so pretty I love that anyways I’mgonna do my eye makeup now really quickso all I’ve done is put this creamshadow on from milk in the shade hotellobby and then I’m going to use this TomFord palette it is a little quiet andthere are all bats this is the CocoMirage palette so let me stop talking[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Applause]all right you guys here is the completedlook on my lips I have the house ofslosh in Countess this pink is so prettyI think it’s the perfect pink I do havea little bit of this Marc Jacobs glosson the top as well in pink flamingosalright I’m gonna go fix my hair alittle while and crazy and get dressedand we’re gonna take some Easterpictures and then just enjoy the rest ofthe day relaxing and then we’re gonna nodinner hey what was that oh you got ittouchdown so we all just up in ourEaster Sunday bath today just uh I don’tknow make it feel like it’s Easter moreyou know it’s fun that we still have ourtraditions you know and so yeah sothat’s why we dressed all in our Sundaybest and we took some cute Easterpictures and now we are going to watch amovie and chill together and then wemight play some games like some boardgames and stuff cuz we haven’t done thatin this house yet and just like enjoythe day it’s so beautiful outside so forsure we’re gonna spend some time outsidetoowith Lucy me go for a walk or two orthree and cuz we still have the majorityof the day well it’s like three o’clockso probably go for a walk right now sosuper nice out but I wanted to share thedress one more time show you my Sundaybest because I’m about to change backinto cubbiesyouall right new outfit this is a supersoftsweater I got a long time ago and it’sfrom the brand almost famous and it’s sosoft too has a little Eiffel Towers onit so we had mama the hub brings somereally yummy food for Easter we just atebut there’s ham turkey and corn andmashed potaters just kind of see them inthere there you goand some stuffing we got major spoils Igave them Apple crisps and they alsomade a rosca the Easter rosca bread withcinnamon this year an almond looks bombyouhey guys so today I actually went intowork because we did a deep-clean of theoffice and organized everything and I’mpretty exhausted but it was good becauseI got paid I am you know we got to makethe office look amazingso I decided come on here and say somedays I come home and I make a healthydinner has all you know the nutritionand needs and my family and then somedays you say f it and you make pizzalike or Bagel Bites i guess i should sayhey guys it’s wednesday and i do have togo into work for a half a day just forsome post-op care so that’s why I’m alldressed this shirt is from Express but Igot it a while ago earrings are fromAmazon I’ll make sure to link them foryou guys they are obviously not Guccisince I got the money Amazon but they’redefinitely I guess I wouldn’t saythey’re a dupe but they’re you knowobviously trying to to be Gucci and thenI kind of ruffled up my hair and putsome volumizer thing in it so and nowthis person next to me is totallywatching me vlog gets super embarrassingso I’ll talk to you guys later I justwanted to check in really quick and sayhi hope everyone’s doing well it isgetting super hot here it’s like 80degrees so to make up before pizzabagels last night I’m making some shrimpscampi that has breadcrumbs and Parmesanand lemon butter saucelet me got some zucchini on the sidehere just like right up a little bit andthen I’m boiling some water to put thepasta inall right you guys this morning I’mgonna be making some healthy cookiesI’ve been posting a lot of richer andcalori full recipes I feel like latelyso I decided let’s make a healthy once Ihad these two medium super ripe bananasthat need to be used so instead offreezing them again for smoothies Idecided to make these cookies so youonly need three ingredients you need twomedium ripe bananas some quick oats I amI don’t know why in mines all scraped upbut yeah these are just the Quaker Oatsone minute oh it’s nothing to them soI’m gonna do one and a half cups of oatsI already have the half a cup in hereyou need 1/3 of a cup of little minimorsels there’s one on the package rightthere these are the ones I like to usefrom Toll House you can use any ones youlike and then we’re going to mash thebanana up on a separate plate and throwthat in here mix it together you’regonna bake it at 350 degrees I alreadyhave my oven going for about 12 to 15minutes until they’re golden brown itmakes about this recipe makes about 12cookies I believe these are vegan glutenfree and delicious so let’s go ahead andso once you mash up the banana thenyou’re just going to incorporate thatwith the chocolate chip and oat mixtureand make sure it’s well combined andthen once that is all combined and -kind of like a cookie dough then you’regoing to make little balls of cookiedough and place it on a sheet I have asilicone mat so I don’t need to greasemine but if you don’t then make sure togrease it or use some parchment paperand these do not spread so you want tokind of make sure to flatten them andshape them into a cookie shape becausethat’s how they will stay alright guysso this is how they should look on yourbaking sheet I kind of press them downand it does get a little messy whenyou’re forming them but yeah they’re allnice and ready to go in so they do makethis recipe makes exactly 12 cookiesI’m an oven now here’s what they looklike right out of the oven they prettymuch look the same and they’re reallysoft as they just came out but they’rebaked all the way through so makes 12cookies I left mine in for about 13 or14 minutes and these are really greatfor breakfast or just snacks and they’rereally filling because of the oats soright now we have polite pests herehelping us with all of the littlecritter bugs around the house we don’tsee a lot of activity but we definitelymake sure to get at least a monthlytreatment to make sure no scorpions orum usually usually crickets scorpionsand mosquitoes are an issue here inArizona so they are here today and sofar they have been extremely informativereally polite and they’re wearing maskswhich is awesome as you can see he’sworking real hard right now so I’ll letyou guys know the entire situationafterwards I really also like that theyuse essential and essential oil in theirproduct that helps to repel pests fromcoming back which is unique I believeit’s clove essential oil hey guysyes I am wearing my little under eyepatches right now because my eyes lookedextra puffy to me so I decided to wearthese these are the the to code oxygenunder eye masks and they help with darkcircles puffiness like sleepy eyes andfine lines and wrinkles so I am in thecar right now about to deliver some ofthe healthy cookies to my brother and myparents because I actually took picturesand like told them I was baking thoseand they were like we want to try themso instead of door – its Melissa – rightnow and I’m not gonna make on anycontact I’m gonna do contact Alicedelivery and leave it at the report andthen they have to go and pick it up okayI’m gonna try to put my sunglasses onover these patches by the way these eyepatches you can wear for up to eighthours and they stays like they stay putthey don’t move there’s like a gel kindof underneath a cooling gel and you canactually sleep in them and that’s how Iusually like to use these and sleep inthem but right now I’m gonna wear themall throughout the rest of the day heyguys so I’m actually in line to get someStarbucks for Kris and I at the datadrive thorough because he has beentalking about Starbucks for probably atleast a week now we’ve been daydreamingof our Starbucks and we actually ran outof our Keurig pods recently so we’vebeen using like a regular coffee makerit’s not the best quality we actuallyneed to upgrade and get a new oneso anyways I’m getting him that rightnow I forgot to talk to you guys aboutthe pest control company polite pest soI was using a different pest controlcompany and not that they were doing abad job but polite pest reached out tome on Instagram and said you know wouldyou try out our service because they’rea local family business and I was allabout that I’m like sure totally we’llbe more than happy to try you out andI’m so glad that I did because we’regonna continue to use them now I lovethat they put the clove extract intheir pesticide because my entire housesmelled so good like a spa instead ofinsect repellent like spray you know itsmelled so good if you live in Arizona Ido believe there in five states totalbut for sure they’re in Arizona so I’llmake sure to like link their informationfor anyone who’s interested so yeah I’mreally pumped for this coffee I thinkI’m actually gonna get a matcha tea andthen I’m gonna get Chris his favoritewhich is a mocha caramel Frappuccino sotoday is the big day that I go fromParata to brunner parada is gonna bepart of my middle name mill so I willofficially be taking Chris’s name whichis really exciting and honestly whattook me so long to start this processwas that it’s just very daunting howmuch goes into swishing your name overthere is so much paperwork and there isso many different things that you haveto figure out and it was just too muchand like you know what I’ll do itanother day I’ll do it another day Ikept putting it off and then which I used to organize mywhole wedding had a recommended hitchswitch in an email to me so I am superexcited to say that I’m partnering withthem and I do have a coupon code downbelow if you are someone that hasn’tchanged your name yet and you’re alreadymarried or maybe you’re about to bemarried I definitely suggest this sothere’s three different options isanywhere from $39 to $99 and this is the$99 package and what they do is organizeeverything for you so this is what itcomes comes like this really cute andthey actually even wrote that on the boxfor me and then it has this folder andin this folder gives all of theinstructions on what to do with all ofthis paperwork and it has every singledocument that I need to send out tochange my name also with the $99 packageyou get passport photos this is my newpassport photo actually way better thanmy other passport photos so I’m reallyexcited so they sent that separately inan envelope and this is actually thecompany that does the passport photosyou do it on your phone and it’s so easyIthis in less than five minutes so youdon’t even have to wait in line to getpassport photos done so yeah so now theyhave this all nice and organized and achecklist for me and they also even gaveme the free stamped envelopes to shipthese things out in like my passport formy driver’s license social security cardall that good stuff so I am going to getstarted and doing all of this but I’mjust so happy that it’s all organizedlike this and I can just easily just gothrough each item and get it done fastso definitely suggest them I’ll makesure to link it down below if you arecurious okay so the verdict on thesecookies is that next time I’m going toput a little bit of vanilla extract aswell as some cinnamon or some kind of alittle bit of flavoring might even put alittle agave syrup or like Splenda orsome kind of substitute sugar like justa little bit because they aren’t verysweet so they are super delicious stillthough on my opinion they’re definitelymore of like a breakfast cookies thoseare very filling but they’re not verysweet they’re not more they’re not verymuch like a dessert now these are 67calories each whereas a built bar as 110calories usually so feed a half of thatthat’s like what 55 calories I wouldprefer that for a dessert over this butthese are really good for like asubstitute like a breakfast or or asnack that’s gonna be filling all rightyou guys Chris and I are here at HomeDepot getting some filters for the housewe have four different size filters inour house which is crazy and we’re justnow changing them out after eight monthsbut so I took down the majority of theEaster stuff today some stuff is stillleft around like some bunnies butanything that’s at Easter I took downtoday and I still have a lot of work todo on on this it’s not where it needs tobe but it’s getting there although Ilove these none of the little eggs likethe farm stuff and then I’m doing ahoneybee theme here with the mugs mostof them are the yellow interior this oneis – that one isn’tback so you can see how long a bottom Ihave the happy happy unhappy buddies

12 Replies to “VLOG | Easter Lockdown Style, Making Healthy Cookies, Shrimp Scampi

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  2. Morning ladies!! Hope you and your family are all well!! Mels I was wondering what lighted mirror do you use? Any suggestion for affordable options?

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  4. Hi Melissa! Love your videos! I just wanted to make a recommendation. I know you usually always make bacon for brunch on Sundays using the Gorge Forman grill. I actually bake my bacon in the oven using a pan and a rack. You can make so much more bacon a once. All the grease drip onto the pan and they come out super crispy and yummy. I bake them at 375 for 15-20 min, depending how crispy you like them. Hope you try this out. Bon appetite!

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  6. Hi Melissa, I enjoy your videos so much. I lived in Phx. for so many years and do not miss the extreme heat. I miss the winters though lol The name change package does that actually include the price for a passport? Stay safe xxx

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