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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s your cousin Claire andwelcome to my channel and technically myfamily’s Channel little projects toexplain my channel my family’s channelwhatever you want to call it this was achannel that my mom came up with and I’mso excited some sort of so excited tostart filming videos I’m here andteaching you guys stuff and I reallyhope fingers crossed that you guys makesome of the stuff that we make on thechannel and craft some of the stuff thatwe do on this channel and I hope thatyou guys make your own little projectsum I’m going to be doing the first videotoday there will be many videos to comewe and I’m so so so excited so I’m goingto go ahead and get on into it today I’mgoing to be teaching you guys how tomake no bake cookies I’m literally soexcited for this I really hope you guyslike this recipe and make it more oftenbecause my family loves this and thesecookies and I’m so excited to teach youguys so I start off with ingredientswhat you want to eat is one half stickof butter butter they’re 2 cups sugar1/2 cup milk 1/4 cup cocoa powder 3/4cups peanut butter 2 teaspoons vanilla 3and 1/2 cups of oats you will also needsome parchment paper if you have any soI’m going to go ahead and get started Iam so excited and I do want to say pausethis video if you guys need to go getingredients or anything to make thesecookies because I would love to have apicture since me of the cookies you guysmade alrightlet’s get into it okay so now we aregoing to take a medium sized pan and putit on boys I have already started theheats and everything just to get itstartedI also want to say tell my little lovelycousins to wash your hands into everyoneelse washing this wash your hands and Itook off my jacket just because and thenif you have really long hair which I dobut I’m not gonna put mine up because Ijust don’t feel like I need to put yourhair up I’ll leave you feel like youneed to but now we’re gonna get startedso we’re going to start by adding onestick of butter usually if you want toand you feel like you need to you canstir itmine’s kind of brown because my camhusband Union but that’s okay now thatour butter is all melted and we aregonna take our sugar and we’re going toadd so my sugars kind of a mess but noit’s okay we’re just doing with it I amletting my dog eat all the sugar that Ijust dropped on the ground he’s got thisI feel like that is a hundred percentnecessary okay so I’m going to put mysugar away now I’m going to add 1/2 cupof milk mine looks kinda warm becauseit’s been sitting out for a whilemine don’t look exactly like yours oryours don’t look exactly that’s mine soI just went ahead and took and stirredmy ingredients together again just tomake sure they’re all start together nowwe are going to take 1/4 cup cocoapowder which Ivan helps that have enoughrig weird you need to start cocoa powderlike you can use any kind yeah now sinceI just added that I’m gonna go ahead andstir in my ingredients again we’re gonnalet this combine for four minutes I havebeen looking for my measuring spoons soI think it’s already been a minute forme not quite sure but I’m pretty sure ithas so I’m gonna go ahead and startthree but I think I can do this you’llprobably figure out it yourself orthey’re not this enough and it’s a signlike that that is okay because it willjust end up melting down on the side andthen you can just start in the spatulait works perfectly if your pants nothard enough it may not do that twoteaspoons of vanilla and I love vanillaso if you don’t then you don’t have todo what I say but a little extra isalways good in my opinion because itjust adds a lot of really good flavorI’m going to mix it the peanut butterhas mixed into it really really wellfrom what I can tell I’m gonna show youguys what my mixture looks like and ifyours does not look like that that isokay I am sure it will publish are notgreat so this is what I make sure lookslike I’m sorry for the bad lightingokay so now we’re gonna do oopsoats I also do want to say that’s forthis recipe you do use every singleinjury Chuck that you have and need ameasuring spoon so make sure you havewhat you need and that they’re allwashed and ready for you to cook againI’m going to say this a few timesbecause I really don’t know how theseare gonna turn out I’ve never made thisrecipe before so if these don’t turn outthe same as yours don’t turn out thesame as ryeputting that into consideration wouldnot be bad idea cleaning up my mess andI will go back to you guys when we startthe last step I believe and and then I’mgoing to show you guys to endingyourself alright guys I am back and mypan is on a hand towel yeah hands offso I suggest that if your pan is stillpretty hotright now rolling out my parchment paperthat is floating out I’m going to put itunder this towelette it might fit sturdyand so this is just some parchment paperthat I have a loadout I’m ready and I’mgonna take my speaker and my I do wantto mention that my no big cookies havebeen sitting for a little bit in the panjust to cool down a little bit and notbe so runny which is also pretty smartto do so yeah I am going to startscooping it was really fun for me I amgoing to move them down to the basementand I open you guys with mejust cuz they should be fine if theystick together a little something in thefridge for 20 minutes to let them hardenough but now I’ll get back to you guyswhen they’re out I let mine show forover an hourbecause I was I had to clean my closet Iwas just doing a whole bunch of stuffyou should be able to lift them upwithout all of them you know likefollowing everywhere so I really hopeyou guys enjoyed these I had a lot offun teaching you guys um this recipethis is what they look like and on acount of threeonce you guys are ready we are all goingto try them one two three go mmmall right good I really like that so Iwant you guys to please please pleasesubscribe to my channel and I also wantyou guys to comment down below how theyturned out and how well you like therecipe bye[Music]

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