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No Bake Cookie Log (Сладък Салам)

No Bake Cookie Log Recipe

1 lb basic vanilla flavor tea cookies/biscuits
1/2 cup powder sugar
2 tbsp coco powder
1 cup finely crushed walnuts
1 tsp vanilla
1 stick melted unsalted butter (depending on where you are from, this is 8 tbsp, 1/4 pound, 1/2 cup, 110 grams)
2/3 cup warm milk

Crush your tea cookies. I do it in a gallon size freezer bag. In a large bowl, mix crushed cookies, powder sugar, coco powder, crushed walnuts (you can crush your own walnuts or buy them crushed). Mix well with a spoon. Add in vanilla, butter and milk (I microwave my milk for about 30-40 seconds to warm it up). Mix well until all ingredients are mixed and it looks like wet dough. Sit in your fridge for 10-15 minutes.

Get a large piece of wax paper and spray cooking grease on it. Pour your dough mixture on the paper and start rolling and squeezing until you form a log. Roll the log in the paper and tie both sides by twisting the paper ends. Let the log sit in the fridge for at least one hour to allow it to harden. Enjoy.

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Video Transcription

hello and welcome to easy cooking we’rebeing word thing for a little bit so Ifigured I’ll make a sweet dessert tokind of get our minds off of what’sgoing on we’re gonna make a sweetdessert that’s very popular in mycountry around the Christmas holidaystoday even though it’s not Christmaswe’re still gonna make it because it’sgood it’s called sweet salami but forthe purposes of giving you an idea ofwhat it is it’s more so like a no-bakecookie log if you want to think of itthat way let’s see what we need as faras ingredients and then we can getstarted for today’s recipe we need cocoapowder powdered sugar milk melted buttervanilla tea cookies and crushed walnutsI do prefer walnuts to be guns so I tryto stick to that if you’re gonna make iton the first time I’m gonna clean mywork area to start and as always this isa very easy recipe but first I alreadyhave my walnuts crushed now you can buythe Freak roaster you can crush themyourself it doesn’t matter so next thingwe’ll do is I’m gonna crush my teacookies well you can really find them inany store they’re not too sweet so somepeople call them tea biscuits do youcookies whatever you want to name it andwe’re gonna start with this bag thiswhat useful but we’ll see hopefully not[Music]get some more air out of here it’s areally quick recipe now you can reallycrush those any way you want some peopleprefer it you have a bigger chunks Iprefer to have my cookies crushed a lotwarmer than that it’s a personalpreference it will come out okayregardless[Music]and we’re donethis is what comes out at the end holdon that’s the way they’re gonna throwour powder sugar right in the mixturewe’re going to do our cocoa powder andwe’re going to mix it real quickbefore we put any of our wet ingredientsthat way were you sure if they’re dryingredients are mixed well because oncewe throw anything wet that really smellsdown on everything else as far as mixingthe sugar and the cocoa powder it’s agood rule when you’re baking or whenyou’re making non baked desserts makesure the dries are mixed first okayactually I do need to[Music]we want their milk to be hot when wethrow it in there puts our vanilla whilewaiting through that and of course puttheir no butterthis is actually a family favorite I’vemade it the evil for my co-workers ifyou found some deal that not a whole lotto it make sure to mix it well theydon’t want to have any dry ingredientsin there so this is what you want to endup with as far as a mixture it’s niceand it’s kind of like dull in a way whatyou need to do at this point of timebecause everything is hot and it’s gonnabe hard to mold you want to throw it inthe fridge for about 10 to 15 minutes tolet that butter harden a little and thenwe’re going to continueso for our next step we’re gonna getsome parchment oh yes yep sorry justwanted to kind of show you how it’s niceand thick now for our next step we’regoing to get some parchment paper youcan be as generous as you want becauseyou want to make right now get somegrease and now the fun begins now you’rejust working with it like you normallywould with any dough I’ll scoop it righton the porcelain paper carefully don’twant to end up having it on the floor ofcourse like I may be careful perfectyou know I mean you can really eat itright not you and it’s really good butthe point is we’re gonna make a long sowe’re going to start rotating alonglose that do that a few times it reallyhelps you squeeze in the middle firstthat redistributes everything else tothe side and then squeeze along you cankind of see how it starts to shape upoh my goodness yesI’m doing cuz I’m grabby dance here andkind of pushing calling the end just seewhat[Music][Music][Music]this is the reason we call it sweetsalami as you can see it’s pretty muchdigs the shape of a salami you can callit cooky log you can call it whateveryou want at this point of time I’m gonnalet this delicious goodness sit in thefridge for a good hour before I startcutting into it nothing back with youlaterthis is what it’s really good asdelicious sticking it back in the fridgelet it sit for an hour you want thatbutter to you I really get nice andsolid he’s being an hour in our cookielog is ready I’m like super excited cuzI’m hungry I always get hungry when Icook so that’s no surpriseespecially for my wife you just slice itup like some morning I mean I’m not himbut I just want to try it see how it ismmmand it’s really good the good part is heactually has less calories the moredesserts because the tea cookies don’thave a whole lot of calories to him I amit’s not very how should I say it’s notvery heavy it’s not very young so sweetthat you can only have a piece you canactually have two three pieces and stillbe okay so I’ll cut myself a little bitmore you guys enjoy your night let meknow if you like feel free to putpictures in comments and we’ll be backwith you next week[Music]

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