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No Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies with Peanut Butter

No bake chocolate oatmeal cookies with peanut butter are easy and delicious. Chocolate and peanut butter desserts are delicious, so it makes sense to pair the two flavors in a cookie recipe. This no bake cookie recipe has hints of vanilla and caramel as well, so along with the chewy yet firm texture provided by the peanut butter and oats, these easy cookies are going to be your new favorite recipe. Also, these cookies are gluten free, flourless, and eggless, so they will appeal to a lot of people. If you are looking for a no bake dessert, you definitely need to try this. Be sure to watch my latest YouTube recipe video to lean how to make no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies with peanut butter.

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Video Transcription

no baked chocolate oatmeal cookies aresimple and delicious the previousversion that I did the peanut butteroatmeal cookies were a fantastic successeveryone really liked them so I wantedto give a chocolate version a try I ambasing my version off of Danielle’soriginal recipe so Thank You Daniellefrom livewell baked Welkom I did alittle bit of research and I think thatthis is what I’m going to do as you cansee it has just a few ingredients tostart off with I have one stick ofbutter or 113 grams and my saucepan Ihave a half of a cup of milk or 120grams I have one and three-quarters of acup of sugar 350 grams and she measuresit and as you can see I have a littlebit of brown sugar and a little bit ofwhite sugar I did about half of a cup ofbrown sugar 120 grams and the rest whitebrown sugar is in almost every chocolatechip cookie recipe and a lot of peoplelike to add brown sugar to oatmeal so Ithink it just makes sense to add alittle bit to this recipe and I neededto use it up so it’s going in there I’musing a quarter of a cup or fourtablespoons or 20 grams of unsweetenedcocoa powder I’m also using 3/4 of a cupor 40 grams of creamy peanut butter andthank you everyone who suggested that Ilightly spray the plastic wrap with alittle bit of canola oil and I also havesome oatmeal I have three and a quarterscup 325 grams of quick cooking oats I’malso going to add an eighth of ateaspoon of salt and one teaspoon ofvanilla and as I said with the previousrecipe this no baked cookie recipe goesreally quick so youto make sure you have everything butbefore you start make sure you have acookie sheet with parchment paper or waxpaper because we’re going to boileverything together and then we’re goingto scoop out about tablespoon ishamounts onto the cookie sheet they’regonna harden and then we’ll have our nobake cookies so the first order ofbusiness is combining the butter justalready in there the milk half of a cupof whole milk the sugar I know it’s alot of sugar some recipes call for twocups but honestly I think maybe a littlebit less would be okay but I really likethem the first time I made them so I’mjust gonna leave the sugar amountunchanged and the cocoa pod now I’mgoing to turn on the heat to medium andmelt the butter as the butter melts I’mjust going to stir everything togethergently as you can see the cocoa powderis just starting to mix into the milkthat’s because cocoa powder does not mixinto cold liquids very well I’m not sureif you saw my video on how to makechocolate milk with cocoa powder butwhat you have to do is you have to makea slurry of sorts take a small amount ofmilk heat it up add your cocoa powder tothat and then once it cools down a bitadd the rest of your milk called milk ohyou’re gonna have to add the cocoapowder towards the beginning I thinkthis is going to be absolutely deliciousI’ve never made this before so we’rekind of learning together but I thinkit’s gonna be really good because inessence we’re blooming the cocoa powderI don’t know if you’ve heard of that buta lot of Baker’s they tell you to bloomcocoa powder or to mix it with a boilingliquidboiling water or milk something likethat before you edit to a cake becauseit’s supposed to bring out the chocolateflavor that’s what I do I reallycouldn’t tell you if it really trulymakes a difference but people on YouTubesay that it does so that is what I’mgoing to do so because this is basicallybloomin cocoa I feel like I think thechocolate flavor will be very veryintense and now for a close-up it’s beenabout five or six minutes since I turnedon the heat everything’s melted and I’mwaiting for it to come to a full boil asyou can see now there are bubbles allover the surface and that is what I wantnow that the surface is completelycovered in bubbles I’m going to set thetimer for one minute and I’m going tolet it boil for one minute while stillstirring like this and now it’s been alittle over a minute last time I let itboil for a minute in 15 seconds so it’sbeen a minute in 15 seconds now as youcan see it was boiling very vigorouslyand that’s what you want you want tomake sure you start the one minute in mycase a minute and 15 second countdownfrom the point at which you see bubblesall over the surface if you do not dothat if it doesn’t get hot enough thecookies will not set up now it’s time toadd the peanut butter like I said Isprayed this maybe I didn’t spray itenoughthis is a bit of Colombo as Arjun timeto say a bit of mess I’m gonna had myoats on SCA could have used a biggerbowl I think yeah them a little bit at atime I am gonna try freezing these Iread that they freeze well I heard thatthey keep for at least a few days Ihonestly think that these no-bakechocolate oatmeal cookies are going tobe one of my new favorite things becauseI love chocolate I love peanut butter Ilove sugar butter is good what’s not tolikeonce these are completely combined I amgoing to add my salt actually I can addmy salt in my vanilla right now you canadd your salt when you add the peanutbutter but remember since vanillaextract has alcohol in it you don’t wantto add it when it’s still hotbecause if it’s still hot then that isgoing to burn off some of the alcoholI’m actually using a 1/2 teaspoonmeasurement so I’m gonna put in two butthe recipe is for one teaspoon ofvanilla and I saw some recipes onlinecalling for a tablespoon of vanilla Iguess you could but honestly I thinktonight overpower the recipe of it cuz Icould definitely taste the vanilla inthese is the vanilla absolutelynecessary no I don’t think soI think it would be fine without andalso rolled oats I don’t think would begood in this for those of you don’t knowthey’re different types of oils they’resteel oats or think steel cut is whatthey’re called rolled oats also known asold-fashioned oats and quick-cookingoats it has to do with the amount ofprocessing they have steel-cut being themost or soomi steel-cut being the leastprocess and click cooking being the mostprocessed I think of quick cooking oatsand also with the amount of processingthat correlates with cooking time quickcooking does require the least amount ofcooking time I think if you usedifferent type of wholesomeness theymight taste kind of raw and I also thinkthat they would feel kind of big thepieces always would probably just feellike they’re too bigif that makes sense if you haveold-fashioned oats you could put them ina food processor to chop them uphonestly I think this is meant to be aneasy recipe it’s not meant to besomething that’s a lot of Colombo orthat you have to go get a ton ofingredients for it’s a good easydelicious recipeI literally just finished stirring nowI’m going to start forming my no-bakechocolate oatmeal cookies with peanutbutter I’m using a teaspoon and I’mgoing to scoop them out like this it’sactually probably a tablespoon so if youwant to use a tablespoon that is finebut I don’t want to get something elsedirty I’m going to literally just plopthem onto the wax paper honestly I thinkyou can make them a little bit bigger ora little bit smaller if you wanted tothey’re not too small because I thinkthey might not have enough material tohold themselves together if that makessense and if they’re really big theymight have trouble staying together aswell I’m not sure I’m gonna try to formthem or shape them slightly maybe ifthey’re sticking up a lot I might roundthem a bit like that but I’m not goingto really try to press them down toflatten them of course I sampled andit’s very delicious as is once it coolsI think these cookies will be amazing soI’m going to finish cooking these outlet them cool for at least half an hourprobably closer to an hour and then Iwill bring you back my no-bake chocolateoatmeal cookies with peanut butter arenow done they’ve been cooling andhardening for about an hour now some ofthem I made bigger than othersbut you can see they all hardened nicelyI wanted to show that you can make themsmaller you can flatten them out like Idid over here if you want to with thisone but really this recipe is not meantto be something that you agonize overit’s not meant to be something reallydifficult or time-consumingthere’s meant to be something goodreally easy the hardest part is justmaking sure that you boil the sugar andbutter and milk and cocoa powder forenough time the recipe says one minutebut I did it for a minute and 15 secondsjust to be on the safe side and herethey are very nice cookies these lookincredible let’s see if I can do closeup the smell incredibleI tried some of the warm mixture I’llhave to try a fresh one or a wholecookie they remind me of chocolatepeanut butter rice krispies treats buthere you can see up close these aregoing to be absolutely delicious if youare looking for a good easy no bigcookie recipe you definitely want togive this a try so thank you forwatching I hope you make this and I hopeyou really like it thanks for watchingbye[Music]you

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