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Moyes welcome back to my channel guys sotoday I’m gonna be making a simple snackyou can make for your kids in themicrowave it’s a cookie and a cup realreal basic as you can see I got myingredients right there got flour sugarI’m gonna milk and of course bakingpowder so it’s really basic quick andeasy you could make it your kids couldmake it and it’s just not for anybodyany chocolate lover so let’s get into itso I’m gonna start off by adding fourtablespoons of flourokay then I’m gonna add teaspoon ofbaking powder mix it a little bit thengonna add one teaspoon of sugar got mypeanut butter which is you don’t have toput peanut butter you could put any nutbutter or you don’t have to add any dolike I love peanut butter my son lovespeanut butter then gonna add some of mymilk and a few of my chocolate chips andthe remainder of the milk I’m gonna mixit and I’ll be right back so this iswhat it looks like mixed it forwardso I’m gonna pop it in the microwave for1 and 1/2 minute and I’ll be right backso this is the finished product guysnice quick easy cookie one and a halfminutes in the microwave this is what itlooks likenice and moist so yummyyou[Music]

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