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Making Oatmeal Cookies

Since we are in enhanced community quarantine, we decided to make our stay at home filled with learning and fun. It’s about time to learn one of mommy’s recipes. That is, oatmeal cookies.

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Video Transcription

hi guys today we are making oatmealcookiesfirst we prepared the ingredientssecond we melted the margarine but youcan also use butter then we mix theheated marjorine and the sugar and weput some eggs while it is still mixingmixing the butter butter and the sugarI am also mixing the baking soda sodathe salt the salt flour I will graduallyadd this mixture to this mixture nowanyone in this here into this looks nowit is time to add the oatmealand now we are putting some oil on theirhands and on the plate because thebatter might stick to our hands and ontothe plateso we rather and we rather prefer tomold it with our hands and not withmolders because it’s just like playingagain and it’s so fun is it him to tryto see what different shapes we havemade I had me I have made two circlesone triangle and one heart 30 has madetwo circles and a sea lion look at ourfinished helpful and there are stillsome cookies that are in the oven wewant to try 30[Music][Laughter]

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