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How to make cookie and cream truffle by Trisha.

These are very easy to make…

ingredients are:-
1. 2 packet Oreos
2. Cream Cheese
3. White chocolate

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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s me Trisha and welcome backto my channel today I’m gonna teach youhow to make cookie and cream truffle solet’s get into the video cheesenow take the audios and put it in agrinder after grinding the audio shouldbe like this now take the cream cheeseand added in the crunched Oreosafter adding mix it well now the otherbatter should be like this remember ifit is too thick you need to add morecream cheese if it is thin you need toadd scrunched Oreos now keep it in thefreezer for around one to two hoursmeanwhile melt some white chocolate on adouble boiler now take the audio batterput it in the white chocolate more ballslike that so guys that refills already Idecorated these with Oreo chunks hopeyou enjoyed this video do like subscribeand sharebye[Music]

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