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Making no bake cookies with my grandma

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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s a Natalia and today we’regonna be cooking no bake cookies andnext we’re gonna do a baking dish orcooking video to three tablespoonssome people use crunchy peanut butterbut Natalia is using smooth and creamyjust any kind of milk whole milk we haveto use two percents what we’re using butyou can use whole or scheme one stick isa half cup and that’s what this recipecalls for three cups two cups of sugar 2cups of sugar so first you melt yourmotherwhy teaspoon Melcher’s your stick ofbutter which we have already done tellthem it’s already melted I don’t know ifyou can see it at all so you have to becareful okay so the first day wash yourhands – yes I just definitely wash yourhands before you do any kind of cookingokay nextyou know sugar you need two cups notonly one cup – we only have one cupdisplay you can follow this recipe – soread this to them this is what you dothe first step one saucepan bring sugarcocoa and bring to a rapid boil for oneminute so let me get you you can boil itand add your your milk and cocoa while Ipour you another cup of sugar[Music][Music][Music]so you just put all those ingredients infor now we start to look looking verychocolatey take over stir in a littlebitmarjoram milk and salt to a rapid boilwe’re not gonna know I don’t like saltand stuff okay that’s good don’t put alot of salt because it won’t taste goodif you put a lot of something it makesit salty and I don’t like salty yeah andone thing I like weird together is chipsmixed into cake batter really yeah I’venever heard such craziness it’s goodto do that well this is bubbling up so[Music]I’m gonna turn the heat up just a little[Music]and of course I have chefs in my kitchen[Music]it’s not no you gotta keep stirringcandy it will scorch no you don’t wantit to school nasty if you burn yourcandy so I’m just trying to help[Music][Music]we’re just going to I’m gonna continueto stir wanna tell you things are alittle little second break right here Iknow see see my curtains up there onthat window those are extremely hard toget up there but you know I still ohyou’re not supposed to be in the videowith that CIPA dude this is my newcookware right here we got a whole messof stuff right therespatulas this is what we’re doing welleverybody is quarantined in the house[Music]yeah school is cancelled gymnasticseverything like that I know we may do alittle reading later though because yeahwe want to keep up just a little tinybit maybe no maybe like a minute I wasthinking more like at least 30 minutes Iwas thinking more like 5I don’t know if that’s one of my gonnabe therethat’s why we’re staying quarantine inand they put us on a little music okayokay I’ll see if it’s nope watchinalmost hi for just a moment folksI would not try this it’s really hot andlike it’s delicious unless you kind ofknow what you’re doing okay we don’tknow I do I’ve made this many timeslook at that piece piece of oatmeal inthere it was on this I want the spatulawe got to keep stirring okay I’ll switchwith you break it across the bottom letme show you like that you don’t have tolike put down hard just kind of keep itmove you gotta keep the candy it’sstarting to seeing itis this candy this is candy this is theway you make candy right here would youlike to make some homemade fudge yeshave you ever made fun I’m a shift fromway back clean we can do that again forvideo today okay lookraise your thing that let mama see let’ssee it’s starting to boil yeah okay sowhat I’m gonna do here hang on this timeso I’m this time to add the peanutbutter and stuff are you gonna do thatwell you can see that you should showthe people it’s starting to boil it’s aslow boil you’re supposed to do this fora minute see there it’s like that seethe boil in there it’s a little littleboil and when you make fudge it comes toa rolling boil it’s a real fast bubblyboil okay see you have to do this for aminute a spoon of your peanut banilayeah I know right here a teaspoon of itsee yeswe should have cleaned up for the videoand fixed our hair and stuff that’s theway they all do it on them shows youwatch you know yeah go ahead and put itin watch it see this is the way nothat’s all you put in there’s just thatoneyou can get your peanut butter over hereand get it ready show the people goodliterary to me it’s not following lookat our candy puff homes whoa we’re gonnamake some fudge too later[Music]nine eight seven six five four three twoone and then you turn the stove off Ileave I leave it on the heat then youput this on yes you put that in go aheadhe wasn’t down here a second yeah hewasn’t down there a second agohe told me that if he goes anywhere he’snot getting around people no not you andwhen I add my oats and slow I add themjust a little at a time I don’t put themall in at one time won’t you show peoplewhat’s your stuff look like cookies I’mgonna try it I don’t know it’s a veryhot okay you can go ahead and startadding your own just add like half ofthem it’s aboutoh this is gonna feel should show thepeople in the video how your stuffslookin listen to the candy these areactually no big cookies they’re notcandy but but we’re gonna make fudgeyou’re gonna film it yeah we’ll makesome fudge next yeah next time rightright after we check on our laundrywe’re just busy today yeah but look atoutside by teaspoons you wanna do thisyeah use this leave a little bitgot two dogs begging for the chocolatewe’re leaving some of this eating thisthink that’s all that can fit carefuldon’t burn yourself these are deliciouswith milk kind of squish them together alittle bit her hands are very clean nowif you worked out in the foodserviceindustry you would need to be wearingrubber glovesmy friends families no one I know has apartner virus and I hope it continues Isay we all say a prayer to the good Lordfor our country our health care workersNatalia’s motherand her stepdad are nurses yeah I am oneday we’re probably gonna have to startlimiting the water because there’sprobably not gonna be people there totreat it and it might be poison yougotta let them cool babylet’s see me again squish that how areyou doing that getting a little squishedtogether like that you want to show themwhat you have there so we have thesecookies now we’re gonna have them dryand in the next video which we will showyou how they you should be able to pickthem up and you just eat them like aregular cookie like a Girl Scout cookieI’m gonna end up eating one of theseright now

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