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Making loft house cookies part one 🍪

Hey guys so today we made house loft cookies
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Video Transcription

hey guys so today we’re making lofthouse loft cookies so basically theseare just like the Pillsbury cookies youget from the store but since we’re inquarantine we decided to make themourselves so of course I’m gonna dothese in parts this is part 1 so part 1so what we’ll be needing is some flourbaking powder or baking soda justsomething to make the cookies actuallyrise and not be like pancake so then wehave some salt a pinch of salt only somevanilla extract 2 eggs some sugar and alittle bit of butter just to get thatflavor and to again we likeexperimenting with ingredients so theyuse sour cream for the flavor and I knowa lot of people like to add sour creamto their desserts to add more flavor orjust have more flavor contrast butinstead we’re using yogurt cuz sourcream has that sour tangy taste andyogurt has the same so all right sowe’re gonna get some yogurt should beused this kind of yogurtso we’re gonna use the same yogurt as wedo last time and it’s this whole milkyogurt and we if you guys don’t rememberwe actually use this yogurt when we’remaking the mango Dole Whip so this is avery staple that we use so first we’regonna wash our hands

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