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Leo makes Cookies w/ Nonie

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Video Transcription

hi everybodyfine so what are we doing today leowe’re making chocolate chocolate chipcookies who are we making them with noall right let’s get going you read thedirections okay okay first let me startwith two cups two tablespoons of theworldoh my god all right how many have to add[Music]all right[Music][Music][Applause]perfect I guess it makes a bigdifferenceall right what elseoh all right now right now before you goon read the recipe read the directionsadjust oven racks to upper and lowermiddle positions and heat oven to 325degrees coming up I know I always put itto 350 and then I third turn it down to325 why’d you learn to cook sheets withparchment paper okay I’ll do thatall right what’s the next with flourbaking soda and salt together in amedium bowl okay so you can startwhisking okay all right what’s our nextdirection[Music]okay next step throw them all off acliff yeahjust kidding the next step is either byhand or with electric mixer mix butterand sugars until thoroughly blended allright so what is the directions for thebutters and sugar how much butter andsugarsokay how about another one cup light ordark brown sugar pack and one and half acup of granulated sugar all right thisis brand new and sugar and also thecookie taster and then how much water dowe put in oh no Meah come your mom askedyou a question one and a half sticksokay and is it hard and cold all rightquestion up I will go put this butterall right brown sugar coming at youlaterso that’s a half cup so two three thingsyes for lunch today I had that pastawith mom can you turn up your volume orpossibly move anything out of the way ofyour computer that might be blocking noit’s my stupid throat no I don’t thinkit is so the butter is still melting whydon’t you read on so we know what to dothe you apparently feels the need totaste the sugar yes how is it how whatit how does it tastedoes it taste salty which one is sweetergranulated good you got a good texturemakes butter and sugars until thoroughlyblended all right that’s literally thatis the next step also I’m not snackingon the chunk of chips you’re not allright so you blend itthere’s the melted butter get that whatnow I go crazynot too fast not too fast Leo I know butyou know what these eggs are not warmare not cold and that’s better forbaking so how many eggs do we put inright what read on what’s the nextdirection being egg egg so wonderful eggone egg yolk and vanilla I know combinedin so yeah yeahstart and get get up yes and put them indo you want to do that that’d be againokay actually I was gonna white well youcan do I’ll help youOh No can you be better Bull and thenyou do the thing yeah and then you putthe yolk in yeah okay not very good atbaking well you’re just a beginner thatwhen you put the whole egg in you andthis one you want to crack and here I’mgonna do it yes niceso this one you’re gonna get the whitein here and the yolk is gonna stay inthis Chanel yeah I can show noni how youdo this then you’ll eat the yolk intothe bowlyeet is the new oh I can damn ityeah that’s great you nice dump that inhurry just nothing just get away you allright Chuck and Chuck nice throw yayalright what else do we do in here yeahbuh-buh-buh-buh vanilla you get the newyeah yeah yeah how much two teaspoonsyeah considering yeah thank you sir onewelcome any of y’all use if all thingsconsidered something I think you shoulddo it slower Leo because looks like itmight fall off the counter okay wellwe’re mixing by hand so I’m gonna whatare you doing now I didn’t see we’readding the dry ingredients okay so youhave to kind of pay attentionI I heard someone say that baking islike chemistry dust that in there withyour perfectly clean Helio him what thatwas the same hand he picked his nosewith earlier he did nicked his nose withearlier what is that chocolate it’s ajar of chocolate chips and a half cup soye are beautiful chips to fill the onecup one cup one to one-and-a-half cupsone cup is plenty why don’t you do yeahperfect we don’t like the miss chocolatechippy we like them that’s how I feelsubha so we’re putting about 3/4 of acup okay yeahnow do we want to make big cookies orregular-sized cookies you like regularsize what do you like Leo baby are sizenot too crunchy chewy so we’re tryingwe’re going for chewy and this recipe issupposed to make them gentle thick chewy[Music]all right so wait let’s get one of thepans over here Leo one of the bakingpans so how is the he’s been samplingthe dough and apparently it’s prettygood are you so tell noni how it tastessince she can’t sample it slightlyhealthy slightly saltysweet chocolate chip adds a niceconsistency because it’s kind of do youwant a chocolate strip search them outwe’ve done this before and no I’m notactually you do this right there I meanisn’t doing all the work we were doingit together did you think I was doingall the words no it wasn’t okay notquite as cool as that make it like abowl of rice krispies for lunch so lookat how I do it leo I’m gonna do theselast two and then you’re gonna do thewhole other sheet so I get a big scoopand then I slide it along the side ofthe bowl so it makes it flat on top andthis way all the cookies will be thesame size and they’ll bake the sameamount of time down here this tray isyours let me let me point the thing downon its own ami can see you putting thesebeautiful scoops perfect remember how Itold you yep perfectwhat a lot of I know I’m gonna makestrawberry jam in the summer and likeJuly you’re doing great Liam you seethese perfect cookies and here’s here’sa like always eat the extra never wastebeautifulwell we’re gonna bake it and that’sgonna sterilize it you can ingestourselves quicklythat’s smart yes which you said anybodyin their right mind would do that rightright people did that I know some stupidpeople didn’t know and now Pietrohow many minutes are we gonna bake himout I think over the next two inchwhat does it say Dixie minutesalright you help me put them in the ovenhere little sirlittle man laughs all right leo want youto be braveyes you can no you’re not just don’ttouch anything lean over and then justchill crisp and then second timer Alexaall right so we’ll come back in 15minutes okay and maybe Leo can I giveyou a tour of the house and what he’s uptoI’d love that Lia what so Leo did thecookies come out of the oven yep holdthem hold that up tilt it up they lookwonderful friends okaysome neighbors of ours are just passingby so you Leo’s gonna take some cookiesto them he’s very very generous yes andthat is a lovely quality so they cameout they look awesomedo they’re just the right size and Ithink they’re just the right chewinessso Kristin I was asking you before whatwould you what is the ingredient thatmakes them chewy or snappyso I think now melting the butterinstead of creaming it oh reallyoh but it’s hard to get I don’t know I Ithink the other thing that makes themreally chewy is when you put a lot ofsugar in that’s what I was gonna sayyeah I’m not really sure though hmmthese are so these Bend crispy on theedges they’re chewy ish in the middle Ishould do a little more research yeah noI was just wondering let’s see you knowrot over baking them baking at a lowertemperature for a little bit longerrather than high heat deliciousvery good that was Barry that was verynice of you to offer your neighborscookies leo yeah he said too crunchyyeahtry bending the big one in half andeating that one see how that one is ohlook chewier well that’s true that’sgood yeah but it’s not really chewy it’slike softer but it’s not mushyChuy’s Marie Curie yeah I like crispcookies oh you do I like Chris cookiestoo with tea yes coffee yeah you knowwhat leo I’m putting it to charge giveme your computer please I’ll put it tochargewant to say bye-bye to Nonie fine ownersthank you very much for inviting me forthis show and time with you you’re sowelcome

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