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Making delicious chocolate chip cookies

Rali (my professional camera girl and cookie connoisseur) and I decided that instead of twiddling our thumbs or staring at the wall during this quarantine, we’d make a YouTube video. Hopefully you don’t absolutely hate it. 😄

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi guys I’m just amazing my child Ishould be like what now I don’t knowwhat to saylike I always talk when I cook but nowit’s like look at these green eggs alsogo yeah you don’t want any of the shellsto come out just add you supposed to addone at a time but I usually[Laughter][Applause][Applause][Applause][Music][Music]make sure it’s all incorporated look atme get off your spatula okay so a littleextra extra flavor[Music]so one daymake sure to punch that notificationbell and it’s a new blender see howthere’s flour on the bottom because mymixer is a piece of junkyou just gotta fold it in and then yougot mix it cuz it’ll get home kindnesslook at that thickbaking like a milkshake no they don’thave a batter you fold the chips I knowmakes the batter fold the chip okay I’mjust given everyone who watches thisvideo and disclaimer that you probablyalready checked and yes I’ve disabledthe comments because I’d rather myfriends make fun of me to my face I haveno accent whatsoever this is how Ialways smoke what are you talking seewhen you’re stuck inside quarantined youjust got to make the best[Music]you were begging me to show yousomething to make yes and you said I canbring them home so I told you I’m gonnaeat them all tonight are you not gonnaeat one of them like four dozen let methinkenjoy your two four six eight eighty 48cookies are you gonna eat any you wantto make sure you clean up do it becausethe cookies so this one we got fromWalmartI feel like everyone owns a set of theseand so they’re not going to too far atleast they should unless I added toomuch sugar I think you added too muchsugar[Music]usually it’s better if you put yourdough in the fridge because you know wegot time yeah all right say goodbye fornow so that’s a different project okaywhat I like to do no Cronaover here I’ve made cookies for the lasteleven years of my life sometimes beyondthe little they’re done with risky oryou can do two cookies at a time butthis Christmas bingo actually turns outthese need to go on for 12 minutes younever wanna get your oven too wetbecause you get it wet when you grab thehot pan it’ll steam and kill you what Ido in the wintertime especially which isabout 70 degrees right now I’m notreally winter is I take my pans out andcuz they’re really hot because I takethem off when they’re so hot and youjust go outsideso demonstrate that for us yeah andwe’re going out here which lads ohm ohmis so oh what’s really good is when it’ssnowing I’ll say you just go out andfind a fresh patty snowing

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