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Kid friendly! Fresh lemonade and delicious vegan cookies!

1/2 – lemon
Tbl spoon – honey
Water + ice

2 × large bananas
1 cup – rolled oats
1/2 cup – unsweetened coconut flakes
1/2 cup – dried cranberries
2 × tea spoon – cocoa
2 × tea spoon – vanilla
2 × handful – dark chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350°F, place cookies on lightly greased cookie sheet, cook for 12 min.

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Video Transcription

hello friends it’s me again I am heretoday because my mom called me and shesaid that our friend Jane has beenspending a lot of time with hergranddaughter McKenzie and she wanted tosee a recipe that they could maketogether so this video is for JanaMackenzie hi guys and anybody else thatwould like to put something togetherwith their child or grandchild orsomeone that they’re taking care of it’sa little bit younger we’re gonna makesome lemonade from scratch and thenwe’re also going to make reallydelicious healthy cookies that’s supereasy to make so we’re gonna start withthe lemonade I’ve got back up and it puta little bit of warm water here in thebottom I’m just gonna juice my lemonright into the glass so I’m gonna do thejuice of half of a lemon into my cup andremember I said warm water in therebecause I’m going to put in a little bitof honey and we want to make sure thatit dissolves so I’m gonna put in atablespoon honey I have this delicioushoney that my cousin Jasper actuallymade and the bees were eatingblackberries and so the honey actuallyhas a blackberry flavor to it which iskind of cool my finger I’m gonna stirthe honey and the lemon juice togetherwith that little bit of warm waterget some cold water give it a littlestir mmm really easy to make a nicerefreshing cup of lemonade and you canalways control the sweetness if you wantto add a little bit more honey to it ifyou want it to be a little bit moresweet or you can add more lemon juice ifyou want it to be more lemony but yeahsomething to enjoy while we’re makingthese cookies so what I’m going to grabis my bowl and I’m going to crush up twoand a half bananas so I’ve got half abanana here I’m gonna pop it right intomy bowl and I’m gonna open up thesebananas now the reason why I’m using twoand a half is because these bananas aresort of like a medium sized bananausually I like to use two large bananasso if you have two large ripe bananas athome you could use that but if they’re alittle bit on the smaller side then justto make up for it with a little bit ofextra banana peeling these guys puttingthem into the bowl okay and we’re gonnaget a fork and we’re going to mash theseguys up so one thing that’s kind of coolabout using banana and a recipe likethis is it sort of takes place of addingexcess sugar and also it acts as like abinder like an egg but usually sousually we put eggs into our you knowthey are baking for cookies or cakes orthings like that because it holds allthe ingredients together but with thebanana it’s gonna do that instead of anegg so these are actually vegan as wellso if you have a Vin person in your life you want to makea nice baked good for or if you yourselfare trying to limit your meat intake Imean you wouldn’t eat meat cookies butyou know what I meanif you’re swinging on to the vegetarian/ vegan side these are a delicioushealthy vegan quickly to eat amazed so Ihave smashed all my bananas up prettygood and then I am going to add half acup of dried cranberries 1 cup of rolledoats I have half a cup of coconut flakesthat are unsweetenedgives it a nice flavor and texture we’regoing to do 2 teaspoons of cocoa powderuse any kind of cocoa powder really thisone is Holland’s best cocoa pod fries oranything that you’ve gone around andthen we’re also gonna do two teaspoonsof vanilla extract and make it extraspecial I’m gonna put in two handfuls ofmini dark chocolate chips and I’m justgoing to mix this around and I’ve alsopreheated my oven to 350 degrees sothat’s been heating up behind me and I’mjust going to mix all of theseingredients together kind of mix andmashing them with just a regular Forksand making sure everything’s gettingevenly incorporated together and anothernice thing about these is they’re reallyfast to make so once we have everythingall mixed together and once they’re onthe cookie sheet they only take about 12minutes or so to cook any of it which isnice so you can be measuring out all ofthe ingredients mixing everythingtogether and then enjoying cookies in 20minutes they do you really hadeverything planned out nicely you canenjoy drinking your fresh glass oflemonade while waiting for the cookiesto be ready so I’m just kind of makingsure that all of the sort of chunks ofbanana aren’t too chunky that was a bigone there so we’re just going to mixthat up pretty good and mixed so I haveaSheetz and i’m going to grease it reallyreally quickly I just got a little bitof butter on my fingers and I’m justwiping it on a pad you really need thetiniest little bit you don’t need a lotfor these guys to release cuz they’renot going to be any other for too longso I’ve you can’t even see it on the pancuz I’ve used a little and then I’mgoing to just scoop out some balls withmy fork and mash them together ever evenlike a little handful just like that andthese cookies they’re not going to getbigger or grow like other cookies thatyou usually make with flour so you don’treally need to worry about having a lotof space in between them because they’renot gonna spread out like another cookiewould we’re not gonna run into eachother they stay the same size for themost part so just putting that togetheronto the treatment good and you can alsoput in other ingredients or substitutesome of the ingredients so if you wantedto not put coconut in that would be okayif you don’t like coconut but it doesjust add kind of like a nice texturedifference with it in there and youcould use other dried fruit instead ifyou don’t want to use cranberries or ifyou don’t have them maybe you have driedblueberries in your cupboard or youprefer a dried blueberry or a raisininstead of the cranberries you could dothat you could put sliced almonds inthereif you wanted to add some nuts and ifyou wanted to use a sweeter chocolatethey wouldn’t be vegan that way but ifyou wanted to use milk chocolate chipsyou can use that or you could completelyomit the chocolate chips altogether ifyou weren’t wanting to add the extra alittle bit of sweetness to the cookie sowe are almost done here I’m just gonnascoop this last out and then we’ll begood to go so this yielded 10 prettygood-sized cookies you could probably doI could have probably made them a littlebit smaller and done 12 or medium sizedbut I’m happy with this I’m just kind ofgetting extra little chocolate chipsthat are stuck in my hand and justputting them onto the cookie cuz wedon’t want to lose the chocolate chipsokay I’m gonna wash my hands real quickand then we are going to pop these inthe oven they should be coming out inabout 12 minutes so for right now I’mgoing to enjoy my freshly made lemonadeno cleanup additions and we’ll be rightback okay guys so it has been 12 minutessince we put the cookies in the oven sowe’re gonna take a look and see ifthey’re all ready to be pulled out andcooled down and eaten so I’m gonna grabmy oven mitts to make sure my hands areprotected when I pull the pan out of theovenoh yes that is what they look like youcan hear them they’re like there’s kindof sizzling I don’t know if you can hearthem we’ll have to see when I watch thevideo after I’m done so I’m gonna putthis down just cook one offoh so that is what it looks likeladies and gentlemen it’s pretty hot ohyes it’s soft so right now because Ijust pulled it out of the oven it’spretty soft and you can see it’ssteaming there you can eat them warm butthey also you see the steam they’resteamingI don’t know if is picking up but thestore really well so you can throw theminto a ziplock bag when they’re allcooled down or an airtight container butthey’re really great to check in a lunchor if you’re going on a hike just tohave something in your bag with a littlebit of protein and energy but let’s goget a try mmm yeah really good justsweetness from a banana and then driedfruit is there but it’s not overly sweetand that’s just nice little pick-me-upthe coconut gives it kind of a nicechewy texture as well yeah super easy asuper quick a little snack to make foryou and the kids bewarehopefully you guys learned something newtoday and make sure that you are takingcare staying safe staying healthy and wewill see you guys again for anothervideo sometime soonlove ya

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