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Making cookies with Sarz🍪

Corn flour
Chocolate chips
Vanilla extract/vanilla sugar
Brown sugar
Coco powder
Baking powder

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

today we’re gonna be making you’re gonnaneed five cups of flour 1 cup of cornflour 2 tablespoons cocoa powder 1teaspoon vanilla extra or vanilla sugar6 tablespoons of butter a teaspoonbaking powder and cup brown sugar 2 eggsand 1 cup of oil start off the mixtureyou’re gonna first thing we need to pour1 cup brown sugar into a bowl add thebutter and whips together should looklike this I’ve two eggs everythingtogether now I measure 1 teaspoon ofvanilla extra I’m trying out speed 1surprised that I spilled into yourmixture mix everything together add 2oil to the mix and whisk it add 1 cup ofcorn flour and 5 cups of flour make surethat between every cup you’re mixing themixture mixture should look like thisadd some chocolate flakes or chocolatechips to the mixture add your cocoapowder and baking powder I decided tosplit my mixture in half now roll themixture into ballsI’m placed on the line and tray Idecided to give my cookies a patternwith this sick bake for about 20 minutesat 180 degrees[Music]let them cool down now you’re allfinishedenjoy

5 Replies to “Making cookies with Sarz🍪

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  3. Literally love you and your all your videos! I’m always high with you and I’m always dying laughing keep going! I wanna smoke with you soo bad!

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  5. Yess I love that you made a YouTube! Also a pointer from a professional pastry chef to help your cookies come out better in the future, cream does not mean put over a double boiler 🙂 it means to beat the sugars into the softened but not melted butter. This is preferably done with a handmixer but can also be done with a whisk or spoon. Double boilers are used to melt or cook fragile things like chocolate or custards. Use a bowl that is bigger than the pot and only use a small amount of water, the bowl shouldn’t be floating. Happy baked baking!

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