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hope you guys like it! Had a really fun time making this 🙂

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Video Transcription

I ain’t apologizing because I want tostop this stop doing this channel butagain I like I don’t know I just like itso you guys tell me in like likescomment subscribe we’re making cookiesand we’re drinking and wait what okay Ohcomment down below you guys wanna see meand Wayne make some drinks also this ismy boyfriend this is my boyfriend Waynewe’ve been dating for 10 years um whodoesn’t want to marry me that’s itanyways we’re gonna start getting whatare we cooking what are we cooking whatare we baking today okay we are bakingthe courthouse is open oh sorry thereare the peanut butter peanut butterchips peanut butter chip cookies Ithought it was just like in the cookieyou know like it’s a peanut buttercookie and you put like the formsso you got both peanut butter cookies soone just hot chocolate chips and so I’mgonna break up with him after thisanyways about that actually because I’mnot that scared but awesome I don’t wantto get sick you are living your bestlife I’m gonna go ahead we’re gonnastart drinking when we start makingcookies but we should little bolt moldsback to what we were talking about we’remaking two types of peanut buttercookies because he thought he’s got adifferent type he thought he got to makemacadamia nut cookie and he did it hejust got the peanut butter chip cookieand the recess awesome real deal we’regonna drink we’re gonna have a good timeI’m gonna finish my Taco Bell and thenmy best life oh and that’s Delta eatingin the background so that’s the low ofmy life this man is acting single on myfriggin camera look at it boy so goodcookie dough cookie dough okay if nobodyjust have to beat one what we’re doingthat I know that people wanted he wantedme to put him on here because I postthem a lot on snapchat and he doesn’t hepisses me offthey ever do that uh that video on mysnapchat that when you throw your topjaw and when you scared me okay it’sgone nowanyways I was it else got in mynose I she picks her nose no it’s finethis way just kind of be gonna be allkinds of crap but it’s fine scare meyeahpam-pam pan sham glam oh damn look atDelta he wants to be in the camera cuzwe’re just having a good time man Idon’t have any like I did not okay sowhat it is I’m gonna spray thisyours is good mine is about good haveyou guys tried close smash but it’s withsmeared off and it’s like peach mangomine is hers is some weird funky kind ofstrawberry with lime and it’s not thatgood I’m not really into it but whateverlimited anyways cuz it’s gonna be alittle I will be back I know one of thequestions was how did we meet how do wewell how I remember it wasn’t likeseventh gradeall right and I was I was talking to agroup of my friends and I was weird itwas like three or four of us and we’reall in a circle and here comes thisbeautiful thing walking up and looks medead in the face this is like don’t ever talk to me again and she grabsone of my friends that somebody that Ithought was my friend didn’t stick upfor me and they walk off sat there andshrug they were like yeah that happensand I was like I used to be brokeninside okay I used to be mean and noschool because I had a group of friendsand never me and sounds like that’s theonly friends I got so I’m gonna be metooand that’s just how it was and then Ilike went to high school and my wholelife changedbut shout out to those go on to the nextquestionI’m so angry because I had it writtendown because I’d like these questions mysnapchat but I can’t get on snapchat Iknow because I’m using my phone we’regonna take a brief break we’ll be backto youwhen Stubbins pre-heated that’s true theoven is preheated and we are ready to goand then I said me look pick the bits ofvideos start that way okay the oven ispreheated and I sent him the questionsbecause I was reading them and theymight forget got what I was readingso let’s go ahead look good likerespecting my soul the first questionwould be[Music]you leave you like leave things to likeat the end you procrastinate that’s youokay I was gonna say something else butthat’s a good boyI was gonna say have a bad habit ofcalling in and playing the game all daywell okay it’s your turn what is a badhabit I have how do you have you’re notbeautiful stunning I’m gonna cry becauseI got something to my eye I really doit’s really okay facts don’t ever I knowI’m a bad bitch don’t ever come to melike that again what’s the craziestthing yeah it’s like if it’s anything Imake him crazyGiuliani oh that’s true he’s to thebarman guys anyways I don’t want toanswer that question because I don’thave I’ve never done anything supercrazyoh yeah I did uh I was a good time okayso I actually was really sick on it’slike New Year’s Eve and I like was I wasnot feeling good like my work even letme go cuz I remember I was driving homeand I had to stop and I threw up onmyself it was that bad enough so I sleptin my mom and I weren’t gonna doanything for New Year’s and then andthen I went to my my aunt’s house and mymom brought like a um like white tequilathat they brought from Mexico and theygave me a drink and I was like alrightthat’s that come on throw up cuz Icouldn’t eat anything and I was likethey’re everywhere and then they’re likeyou would have shot and I saidthat’s out you say and so I I in a goodtime I got real drunk a real real fastmind you always stick the whole time yesthat was crazy I mean ok that’s true shedid when New Year’s Eve the next voiceactor no just now thanks question I’mdoing why – because like they’re kind ofstuck togetherperfect then we’ll have bigger cookies Imean that sounds good so big they’repretty big what’s my best personalitytree you’re so great you really areactually you know what he’s pretty funnywait oh you know what he does know he’lllike say movie quotes like out of movieit’s I don’t know how to explain itanyway she doesn’t think I like them butI really do like them I think he’s socool for that that’s not a personalitything I don’t know it’s just a bunch ofuseless clothes I remember well they’recute I like them because it’s anythinghappens he says that he like randomlycomes up with them and they’re just it’slike they pop in my head when likeevents happen in real life and it’s likeoh but this like corresponds with thisit’s so cool and he thinks I hate himbut I I really like itknow what’s yours personality sheforgets everything I do I don’t likewhat sorry maybe this one was me but wewent to the store earlierand she could remember where we weregoing to save her life yeah I can’t evenlike try to defend myself on my ownbecause I well you can’t see becauseit’s copyright those bitches on thatthat’s look really good actuallywhat a bunch of snacks no look at thatdon’t know I’m so excited we’ll be backwait for them to cool down and thenwe’re gonna eat them and then wines aremore questionsoh yeah so excited about it we back yeswe we back uh we did we did wait for thecookies to cool down um oh do I oftenmake you angrydo I actually you know what he doesn’tbut I say you made me angry all the timedo you know I’m saying like that’s whenlike when he says something I’m likeyou’re so annoying but it’s cuz it’sfunny not because I do but it’s cuz it’sfunny or because you know you like oryou’re like I hate you but like I reallydon’t hate you dude I’m saying it’s oneof those do I make you does see no Idon’t think no I thought I did Ioverreacted about everythingso I would assume I’d make him angry alot but he’s really patient and it’sreally nice because I need it and Ialways come back I always end upapologizing cuz I know I’m being extrathere’s pizza or burgers I have apassion for playing Jeepers but I alsohave a passion for pizzamy fat ass likes to eat so I don’t knowwhich what I’d pick and I’m torn betweenthis question it depends we talkingabout like a McDonald’s burger are wetalking about like a ready Bob’s burgerand are we talking about like a Domino’sPizza are we talking about like mmm welike food we eat a lot like we just liketo eat a lot and it’s fine as you cantell okay those all the questions thoseare all the questions I’m over it I’mgonna go down by


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