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Making cookies with me🍪💖

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Video Transcription

[Music]yeah yeah yeah hi in squad and todaywe’re gonna make some cookies for youguys so yep in the oven right now I’mout – just wait cause you know cause youcan I just cook myself so yeahI’m just sitting down right now justwaiting now I’m going to check on thecookie then you’re gonna check it withme cuz you know now I need for mycharger in because you know I need thatboost mo what what is this wench dishwait guys oh sorry guys okay I’m backwhat’s up we arrived a bitI like this me ain’t back so yeah andguys if you don’t like my channel it’sokay just go to cut off or cut up andyou might just follow you back okay goto somewhere else okay[Music]and I want to do light up um cupping mybangs what’s the differencemy dumb barns for some reason we do hereprobably not acting am just telling youbut kind us guys if you don’t like it’slike if you have me as a friend let metell you I’m like oh you know I’m likevery goofy yeah I always make that faceplease like and they be late oh my godlay it on the light yeah yeah we’re justlike but oh my godno we need that blue smoke so if you’renew to inin squad and squad but Godwon’t give y’all like an update I kindof just made that up this channel threedays in well I’m trying to like make uplike mega hope it’ll be like hey guys umfamily I’m trying to like that sighs Ihate in squad but like give mesuggestions or comments I can cut y’alllike in the intro of the video yep yeahyepyeah and this video I’m going to theintro for your on everything becausesurprised I didn’t know how to do thisoh the cookie smell so rude and I wasjust summer camp dies and like we haveto sleep outside in the cold so cold Ihad a memory I’d like Laura this suchmemories no my name is Mariah and myignite was narwhal Narwhal yeah andbacon was silent and it says bacon rightgood that was my one of my favoriteteachers name for y’all I was in GreenTeam Green Team was okayalthough all my friends that’s goodthing I didn’t like I wasn’t with all myfriendsOh what’s with all my friendsoh my god this what I hate about thisdingoI’ll take it off cuz I don’t like itdude don’t you do taking it off now thatI check on the cookiesthe cookies are done so I must put it ona plate oh I’m gonna let them cool offnow guys so yeahgot are you when you own and were youyou know that stage we use like intocore and just let every time you likethis I feel like you know sometimes I’dbe like that but not a lot of timebecause I know I’m pretty normal reallypretty mommy I like eating my cookieshot like Warren that’sI can’t eat thisokay can I eat them all up okay I’m alittle get god I’m gonna get to cuz Icannot eat all of the cookiesmommy you don’t eat the two other onesoh my god so I am a big foreheadI know my big furniture but not reallylike you know I’m just like say thatsnow bears nothing cuz I really die butbefore[Applause]now I’m gonna get o-ue ill I’m pouringthe milk in there oh sorry not to pourthe milk damn milk because you know wedid milks in here okay back that goodmilk guys sorry look flat toast for thecard lactose yeah have a family memberthat’s lactose okay ice cream nothing soyeah like nobody really feel for them[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Laughter]no good I would like sitting there[Applause][Laughter][Music]it’s the best way to triplex yourselfafter your first application yoursolution is at Exetercelebrate this andbye-bye oh my god oh my god bye guys andthank you for joining the it in squawperiod Neriah game

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