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How To Make Cookies Part 2!!!

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Video Transcription

oh so hi guys this is part 2 um yeahdiving because I’m we just took them outin just over look like and we’re gonnamake the other ones cuz some turned outand it’s more see you’ll wreck up rightnow so we put into wax paper and nowwe’re gonna shake them and we’re goingto show you that when we’re done so thecookies are in the oven right now andwe’ll put them and they’re right inthere you always still have a lot moreso we keep on baking and baking that’sit we’re gonna have less water in it andby nervously these are in the morningand we’re gonna take out the othercookies that’s already dry let youcookies that we made and we’re gonnatake them out we’re not actually gonnago by budget either by see so how did itso much and look how big these are eatlook how big they areit’s so like fire so these are cookiesand thank you for watching and bye byeit’s the same recipe with so we’re notgonna show a boring contact like that sothank you for watching and bye hopefullyyou subscribe and likewashing it and yep I will post tomorrowbye bye say bye bye Mike

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