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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys today Nestle Tollhousechocolate-chip cookies what you’re goingto need is two and a half cups of flour1 teaspoon of salt baking soda andvanilla extract and 3/4 cup of sugarwe’re also going to need 3/4 cups ofbrown sugar 2 sticks of softened butter2 eggs 12 ounces of chocolate chipcookies or chucks for a first step we’veadded salt flour baking and baking sodaand I and I’m stirring it right now forthis next step we are going to be addingthree-quarters of sugar 3/4 of brownsugar 2 sticks of softened butter andand it was spoon of vanilla extract[Applause]from your next step we’re going to beblending all these reviews inour next step is to crack these eggs andpour them in therethen I’m going to blend thisnext we’re going to be adding in theflour mixture in here and mix andblending it too earlythe last step for completing the stoveis to pour these chocolate chips in theycan be chunks or chips okay our nextstep is going to be fishing these outonto the parchment paper you’re usingthe parchment paper so disease don’tstick to the panthey have to be evenly spread out orelse they might beonce you have your cookies arranged likeyou want them have an adult set the ovenfor 375 degrees your adult will alsohave to put them in the oven and bakethem for 10 minutes help an adult takethese take the cookies out of the ovenand maybe let them cool for 10 minutesand here I have a finished producta plate full of chocolate chip cookies[Music]

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