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Making Cookies w/ Sensei Cody

Making cookies is easy, but there are two things that I use to make them perfect. From my kitchen to yours, something fun to keep us all busy.

(by the way, I meant flat surface when cracking an egg, not ‘soft’ surface)

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Video Transcription

hi and welcome to my kitchen again isyou’ve been noticing I’ve been runningall my classes this is the best spacethat I have in my home for being able tomove around but it’s also my kitchen andone of my hobbies is cooking I like tocook I’m not much of a baker but I dolike to make sometimes especiallycookies so you may notice otherinstructors adding some talents andthings that they have I’m not going toclaim any talent here becauseessentially in they’ll follow a recipefrom this yellow bag of semi-sweetmorsels recipe but there are two thingsthat to me make cookies great no matterwhat the recipe is whether it’s oatmealraisin cookies I have a ginger cookiethat I make and this is just a simplechocolate chip recipe the two thingsthat are important is that you one youweigh your ingredients so everybodyneeds to have a scale this is essentialand the second for you is you need tohave a refrigerator because when you’redone everything needs to be put in therefrigerator and you need to giveyourself at least a day so if you’retime to make a cookies for your familyplan ahead because they’re gonna makebetter cookies by putting them in therefrigerator when you’re done so talkabout the ingredients this dryingredients then you have your wetingredients for the dry ingredientsyou’re essentially looking at flourbaking soda and salt so for the flour asI mentioned you need to weigh it so twocups in 1/4 cup are going to be neededfor this recipe so 1 cup of flour is 142grams or it would be 5 ounces I preferto go in grams I can get more exact whenthey do it that way so with your skillset I already measured up to so my lastquarter cup is going to be about 35grams so I’m going to add that in thisalso is a lot less messy so if you tryto measure and then you have to swipethis is a lot easier so I have my twoand a quarter cups from there and tothat I’m going to add 1/2 1 teaspoon ofiodine salt you do not want to usekosher salt kosher salt as biggercrystals that’s great for cooking butfor baking you want to stick to iodizedsalt plus the others believe it’sessential part of your body and then theother ingredientbaking soda baking soda is notinterchangeable with baking powderbaking powder is used for giving thingsright so is baking soda but baking sodaneeds an acid baking powder is built sothat it is essentially baking soda withsomething else like cream of tartar orif you’re cooking with something likebaking soda you need an acid to make itgive rise to the cookies the brown sugaris the asset so brown sugar has molassesin it that’s gonna be your acid I’mgoing to activate the baking soda thoughmaking that your cookies are going tohave some rice to them if you use bakingpowder in this case it’s going to be toomuch rice and they’re going to come outvery cake like which is not really theway we want to cook this to be so I’mgoing to just go through that you couldsift it I don’t find it really necessaryfor this recipe I have a few that I dosift but for the most part once you haveyour flour your salt and your bakingsoda together you should be fine justmake sure you mix it up so that it’s nottoo much on the one side now for the wetingredients you’re looking at having youwant to have your butter your eggs yourvanilla brown sugar and your white sugarso the recipe calls for 2 cups sorry 1cup or 2 sticks of butterI will melt this down it’s much easy towork with if I were making cookiesdirectly you could not melt them they’llbecome very soupy but because I’m gonnarefrigerate it this makes it a loteasier so I’m gonna cut it intotablespoon sizes put this into a bowllower the microwave temperature down soit’s at about 30% and do it for about aminute and that’ll make it enough thingonce you put it into the mixer it’ll mixreally well that’s gonna be your butterfor your brown sugar you have twooptions you have a light brown sugar youhave dark brown sugar dark brown sugaris going to be a little richer thedifference between the two is lightbrown sugar has three and a half percentof molasses dark brown sugar typicallyhas sixpercent so this again remember is theimportant thing that stimulates thebaking soda so putting these together iswhat’s going to make the biggest sort ofwork otherwise you’d have to use bakingpowder or some other type of acid somepeople also do put a lemon our littleother acidic things into their cookiesand that will work for the brown sugar Iwant three quarters of a cup so formeasurement I already measured it upthat’s going to be about 150 grams 198grams is what you need for one cup andif you do prefer to use ounces that’sgoing to be 7 ounces so my brown sugargoes in there exact same amount of whitesugar so this is 3/4 of a cupmeasured up to 150 grams and to that Iwill add the rest of the wet ingredientsto me all right so my butter is softenedso I’m ready to assemble you could alsohave left it out much longer but like Isaid microwave at about 30% powers goingto help you a lot I don’t know how theywanted to melt it I don’t want it hotyou could even let it cool a bit it justneeds to be softened so that the mixerwill be able to do its job for the eggsyou’re going to need two eggs and whenyou do the Kraken egg you can crack iton the side of a bowl but if you’re notcomfortable with that there’s a goodchance that the shell can go into theactual bowl and if you’re trying to mixsomething altogether you don’t want tobe trying to get a shell out of there soalways better to crack it on a softeconomy that’s going to allow you toopen up and get that into the into thebowl and I prefer to do it in a separatebowl because that way I’m not trying tofind something out in case the a shelldoes go throughbetter to have a bunch of little bowlsto clean after than have a big messotherwise so I’ve done all my measureand have only wet ingredients set to gothis is the mixture of brown sugar andwhite sugar I mixed it around a littlebit by hand I’m going to add all thebutter to that and then put the mixer onas that is mixing I will add the eggsand then the vanilla soyou can start out on a little speed soit doesn’t spit up too muchso one at a time that mix in a littlebit so yeah the second and you don’t getanything splatteringand then the final part the windingredients is one teaspoon of vanillaextract the better the extract thebetter but even the invitation is prettygood for this recipe once this is allmixed in then we’re going to slowly letthe dry ingredients go in and then we’regoing to be adding the chips okay so I’mgoing to let this mix a little bit as itgoes in be careful not to leave themixer on while you’re doing that oryou’re gonna have flour everywhere sofinal part is we’re going to betransferring these into a bowl it’simportant that these are in a bowl thatcan be refrigerated and you’re going towant to cover these at least overnightbut preferably about 24 hours it can nolonger certainly it’s no problem and thereason that you need to chill these whenyou’re cooking them oh you want to cookthem at a higher temperature it’s goingto be cooked in this case at 375 ifthese are soft at all if the butter wassoft or even if you just want to havebetter cookies the key to that 375 isit’s a higher heat so by having thehigher heat it’s going to crisp them upa little bit more but you also can cookthem for less time in this case when itsays nine to eleven minutes I’ll usuallygo on the lower end for that my familylikes them a little bit lighter if youwant them a little darker you go to thateleven minutes but if you were to dropthat temperature from 375 to 350 you’regonna have to increase the time maybe upto 15 minutes those cookies are going tospread up they’re going to be too low ofa temperature you want that higher heatto really get under those cookies sothat they they don’t change their formthat much well put them on the cookiesheet as a ball but when they come outthey’re going to be a pretty good discabout maybe a like a silver dollar sizeand that’s like that’s ideal for whatwe’re looking for if it spreads out toofar or it goes into another cookie onthe sheet it’s gonna they’re not gonnabe good they’re gonna be cracker like so375 about nine minutes should be perfectand and that’s it this is how we’regoing to make cookies again nothingspecial about this recipe take anyrecipe that you have just remember thetwo most important things weigh theingredients and refrigerate the doughalright have a great day

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