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How to Make Perfect Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies

This is a classic and a family favorite! Peanut butter cookies with chocolate in the center. You can use Hershey kisses or any other chocolates you’d like. Peanut butter cups would be great, too! The kids love to help with this one! (But be careful after the pan comes out of the oven. It’s hot!) Recipe written below. (I respectfully ask that you do not screenshot and share with others. Thank you!)

1/3 cup sugar (67 g)
1/3 cup brown sugar (70 g)
1/2 cup shortening (113 g)
3/4 cup peanut butter (170 g)
1 egg
2 Tablespoons milk (30 g/mL)
1 teaspoon vanilla (5 g)
1 1/2 cups flour (180 g)
1 teaspoon baking soda (5 g)
1/2 teaspoon salt (2.5 g)
Granulated sugar
About 25-40 chocolate pieces (depending on how large you roll the cookie balls)

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Video Transcription

hi friends welcome back to my kitchenI’m Amy from neurotic mom bakes and I’mgoing to be showing you my peanut butterHershey kiss cookies if you don’t haveher she kisses where you live you knowthese little they’re wrapped in foil youcan use any solid chocolate I’ve used ofchocolates before when I didn’t haveHershey Kisses this yeah this is my 11year olds absolute favorite cookie heasks me for all the time so we’re gonnastart with a third of a cup of sugar anda third of a cup of brown sugar thatgoes in there and I’m going to add ahalf a cup of shortening[Music]I’m just gonna mix that upokay and then to this I’m going to addthree quarters of a cup of creamy peanutbutter and I’ve never tried it but I betcashew butter or almond butter wouldwork and taste really good okay get thatmixed inand then to this I’m going to add oneegg[Applause]two tablespoons of milk any kind I justhave 1% hereand one teaspoon of vanillaokay now for my dry ingredientsI just need one and a half cups ofall-purpose flour[Music]there’s one and a half and then I needone teaspoon of soda baking soda and ahalf a teaspoon of salt let that gookay you’re gonna let this go until allthe dough pulls away from the sides mybowl is pretty clean and that meansyou’ve gotten it falls right off you’vegot the perfect if you could see inthere at the ball it’s just totallyclean on the side so and that means weare good to go okay in here I’ve justgot some granulated sugar and I’m gonnaget my cookie sheet I’m gonna line itwith some parchment paper you can alsouse cooking spray and I’m gonna rollthese in I like them smaller I like morechocolate on the cookie like thechocolate chip peanut butter ratio Ithink is better with the smaller cookiesso I’m going to roll them about one inchone inch balls that I’m in roll them injust some granulated sugarand they won’t spread out a lot so youcan put a lot on a cookie sheet I canfit fifteen or sixteen this is alsosomething my kids love to help me withI’ll get them to unwrap all the HersheyKisses that takes a while and then theycan help roll the balls and then theylove to put the Hershey Kisses on whenthey come out of the oven she’s got tobe careful though the pen will be hotthis is going to make about justdepending on a good four dozen of tinycookies or three dozen if you’re gonnado them bigger okay this is gonna go ina 350 degree oven I’m gonna check itaround seven or eight minutes you’llknow they’re done when they start tocrack on top okay I have just barelypulled these out of the oven you can seehow they’ve got the cracks on topthere’s still a little bit puffy andthat’s okay you need to work quicklydefinitely do this while the cookies arehot make sure you’re watching if yourkids are helping just be really carefulI put a towel underneath the pan and I’mjust gonna press it Hershey kiss rightdown in the middleand then I do like to let these cool offall the way before eating the chocolatesgonna melt a little bit and be reallymessy if you like that that’s fine Iusually actually stick these in thefridge so then the chocolate sets backup or you can just leave them on thecounter until they’re how you like themand there you have it my friends thanksso much for being here with me today Ihope you enjoyed this tutorial make sureto subscribe to my channel to see morecontent like this and you can find me oninstagram at neurotic mom[Music]

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