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Making Cookies! /PRANK GONE WRONG

My sister is still mad at me, but she’ll get over it.😂😂
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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to our YouTubechannel I’m Chloe and this is Katie andtoday we’re gonna be making cookie I’mso excitedI’ve never made a cookie by myselfanyone’s made it with a guardianso um by the way you guys are probablywondering right now um I thought youguys were gonna post every single Fridayyou change your Mac we’re gonna postwhenever we can mom or dad because ittakes a long work to like make thisvideo even though it looks really simpleyeah so let’s get on with the video okayokay first so we have our water and abunch more ingredient to make a cookieyou need cookie batter teaspoon of waterhalf of a butter a bowl so you could putyour ingredients in parchment paper anda tray okay we’re actually doing thisokay let’s go to our point of view firstwe’re gonna be cutting our butter onlyhalf of it which means this much yepunmelted yes you can melt it and thencut it off yeah then we’re gonna put ourcookie batter only half of it just likethe butter a bit more a little comparedto the butter we have to reason shouldwe do all of it yeah that’s that’snow we’re just now we’re supposed to putput a teaspoon of water never and thiswe didn’t know now you’re gonna juststart mixing it tonight right yeah shortwait let me just get the hang of it cuzit’s like coming up stuff to this littlebit I don’t know if we’re doing this allright are we we do um I think we shouldput a bit more water I think we needsome eggslet’s just put some more wateryeah okay let’s try again because youdon’t know what’s happening to thisright nowsorry we’re making a lot of mess rightnow but Tory we’re gonna clean it up nota mom okay it’s not working really wellyeah I think we should add some eggs[Music]we’ll be right back after we still stirsome more and we’ll be back if it likekind of like forms up so we came backand it started clumping back to get itdidn’t like clump together like thisit’s okay I guess um we decided to justlike clump it together with our handsand do you put oil on your hands stoptalking over me Katie it’s really okayoil I put too much you guys can I seeyou on the cameracuz we don’t have a style just make itto any shape you love but for this we’rejust gonna make into circles like theRice Krispies we did last time yeah soit might take a long time so you guys gosee how it looks like on the when isthis called again punch my paper yeahpushing that paper so um you guys thereyeah we’re not doing that right nowanyhow don’t listen to what she’s allthis and you don’t do okay okay let’sstart it so we have this one arm on mefor us the first rounddoes she major able anyway we’ll showyou how it is so big yeah we’re gonna doa little bit more small so it like whenit cuts then it blows up this girl hereI’m not a ghostokay so we’re just gonna keep rolling itaround and you could wash your handswhile you’re doing this – no we washyour hands right after and don’t worrybefore we touch these batters we oh waitplease corona germs everywhere okay weget that we get this please stay homeyes do not go anywhere that people arearound a lot almost like a supermarketor something yesdon’t like don’t make things too closetogether could do like touch a new likeyou know it look ugly just we don’t likeugly I want to be pretty if it’s toosmall I don’t know well it’s probablygonna turn out ugly but it’s fine justcookies yeah I have to take yummy too[Music]our best this is again this is theirfirst time making cookie purse and alsowe’re strolling beginners yeah is veryhard she’s making rather self for in myopinion don’t get for the camera personfor culminating okay so um I try takingokay so this is gonna be left overleftovers it’s okayjust making two little ones reallylittle ones but I see you don’t haveenough how many minutes do we have towait for it to be an oven how much Ifelt like there was a bug on my shoulderI’ll go check on from mithy timothymicrowave for 10 to 15 seconds untilsoftened by 10 to 15 seconds wait aminute that good that’s weirdOh until it’s softened sorry oh we haveto bake it for 8 to 10 minute I’m sosorry I’m so beard you’re not you’reweird oh okay alright so this is ourlast okay we’re trying to get all thebatter okay guys I’m gonna be back intwo minutes okay whatever all I reallywant to do a prank on her but we don’thave enough time so we’re just gonna goget started and bake these babies on sowe’ll be back when I close up so we’reback and the cookies are all done and itlooks so good like look at them just sogoes oh yeah we need some decorationssprinkles go over there’s not roomokay try finding it did you find thatcookies now try this one is it calm downso nothing he’s a really good okay she’sstill mad at methank you so much for watching make sureto subscribe to our Channel right thereput the big thumbs up and heighten thatnotification Belle and for nowever done

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