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Make Cookies With Me ~Part 1~

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to this channelit’s me Lila and today we’re gonna bemaking and today we’re going to bemaking peanut butter cookies so let’sget startedso we’re gonna start by mixing me flourbaking soda and salt together so Ialready did that because I tried to makeanother video but then it ended so yeahso we’re gonna mix that together oh andby the way we have everything likealready measured out so that should helpokay and set aside here’s my recipe bythe way ok so now we either creamtogether the shortening we’ve got Criscotoday I don’t know we don’t usually useCriscobut for cookies is real good ok and thenbrown sugar and sugar we have our beerright here it’s like not like aKitchenAid one but it worksand by the way my brother’s back theredoing the dishes so okay give us moneyand hit that like book so now we haveCrisco Crisco to be honest is like kindof gross but just like fat but oh wellbefore using its down okay so now whatwe’ve done there now we’ve done thatwe’re gonna cream it together on lowspeed so I’ll be back when it’s allgreenHey okay so we have it all creamy Ithink like as good as it’s gonna get fornow I guess I don’t know okay by the wayI did wash my hands so and now oh theywent like everywhere that’s nice nowwe’re gonna add a so you have four eggsone is a different color because thatwas the last egg in one of the cartonsbut yeah so we’re going to add all fourthe eggs to the wet mixture[Music]all right so now we are added all fourof the egg we are going to beat it again[Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause]okay let’s not only be it too nice andcreamy like a batter like find the thingnow we’re going to add the vanilla sohere’s the vanilla in the container anddump it in okay so now we’re going togradually add our flour the drying sowe’re going to do it with three timesadding it in so about a little bit morethan a quarter okay and then are wesupposed to oh okay so now we’re goingto go in with out the beater we’re gonnado our wooden spin and this is going toget harder and harder as you go soall right so inside all mixed in youdon’t really need it to mix in like allthe way but yeah I’m spilling everywhereokay this may take a while I’ll be backwhen it’s some omics dude this is amistake to take like this deep of a bowlbecause you like have to everything’s atthe bottom yeah can’t my see but they’relike what the

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