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Making Cookies Part 2

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Video Transcription

um so you kind of stop it’s appoint youit’s a part too thoughthis is part two you guys cookies stillon the oven I just took a picture I tooka picture of her I took that picture tooand that one for taking pictures it’sabout little okay you camera laughterthis I mean it’s gonna take you likefive hours to delete the pictures am i[Music]painting still in the bathroomwell he stunk up the whole hall youdon’t mean to me but er I didn’t ask youwhen oh I forgot the clean house is both[Music]not sponsorsso we got camera lady we got almost sowe’re gonna clean up a bit I’m not[Music]go back so I can see your face ain’t itso it’s and now I’m just gonna do a tasso cinahl you asked me questions abouton my channelhow many subscribers do i have 46thank you very much non zero and thenhave to be watching no and when I hit 50I’m gonna do a celebration party andhopefully that soon because we couldjust make the cake for the celebrationparty no and we’ll do other things and Imight do a collab with John someplaceyou can quit yo boy back trashcanno Stephanie miss – and I might do itphilosophers – girls rule[Music]oh my goodness and yeah so you can askme another questionoh I am gonna be turning 13 in a few[Music]pastel blue is my favorite colorbesides my book cause he knows who’s myfavorite save my hand I’ll cut yourelectric my favorite sibling is my oldersister no evil favorite but my favoriteis my older sister right boy good tidingmistake andyeah ask a new question I’m asking you aquestion okay just me now my sister leftme I’m gonna be showing you for the nextvideooh I spent following mine then I havethis cake sorry the pans are in the wayhave this cake and cupcake liners andfrosting confetti fun study boxing soit’s going a minute sixteen leftthat was a chocolate bunny and youshould just bid its head off so[Music]so we got 15 seconds left they look likeI needthey’re not ready so it needs aboutthere’s not ready guys so they needabout I did yes I’m not ready or no soit’s been for five more minuteslookI should not readyI wonder where Italy not right on mecrayon I want it color with a crayonThank You me once so I’m gonna how Ilike to color with a crown I like tofeel it I need it[Music][Music]yours either[Music][Music]Scott require me RajjoI want every recording you’re getting inmy videookay okay[Music]we gotta wait for one that you can’teven see my face right now Jenny I’m notreally looking to camera but there’s 24seconds so yeah we got a unicorn therebut I accept that I’m enough that what Ihave is enough SiC fireokaycan’t rub itokay yeah we’re readyI think there’s something cool downthere’s cookies I get harder when theycool down so now we just got always liketwo more minutes for it to cool downwait I don’t even think those we’recooking in the oven I’m pretty sure whenI hit cancel in the first time in theoven turned off so I don’t think itkicked in the five minutes so when thetime is two thirty two it should beabout cooled downokay[Music]yeah it’s just he’s a cool down[Music]oh why are they cool they’re still notcompletely cool but because they’requite gooeyhmm maybe they’re longer just cool soyeah these are what the cookies turn outto be and that’s all for today hopefullyyou liked it and if you would like seemore baking videos comment down belowand I’ll see you guys next time byelook at the cookies yummy

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