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Making Cookies ! | Imo & Ruby’s Kitchen

Hi Guys today we are making cookies if you would like to know how click the video above

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

Ruby’s pictures and this produced areally they think chocolate chip cookiesso I’m going to go over that and creamthe butter sugar was really just a sweetabsolutely and the measurements of themas you guys do now they’re showing youall the ingredients and how much youwill need from the ingredients to fastthat start off with some self raisingflouryou’re beginning to next some castorsugar you will need next you will needsome familiar extracts a teaspoon nextyou’ll need some milk chocolate chunksnext you will need some brown sugar nextyou’ll need one egg which is just an eggnext you’ll need some salt has half ateaspoon or between of him yes you willneed now the equipment we have thescissors to open the packet and sip ateaspoon and a tablespoonand also a so now we’re going to tellyou what you need to do so let’s go onwith that so you were going to want topin your bowl with your sugar and yourbutter and you just want to cream it andyou want to make sure that it’s a reallyreally nice light and fluffy consistencyand then once you tonight you want tocombine your one egg and vanilla extractit’s not all and just start withtogether basically okay so here is amethod step 1preheat the oven to 180 degrees justmark for step 2 create between sugarswoods cream combined into egg andvanilla step 3 sim in the flour and saltthen the chocolate chips okay guys thisshould be the consistency and the colorthis is obviously it’s niceokay so again is to stiffen the flourand salt then the chocolate chips[Music][Music]we have a chocolate chipour dough is quite sticky but that’salright and now I’m just going to cutthese chocolate chips the basket webrought each bag is I’m just gonna starin the first packet yeah I’m gonna I didin the first packet now do you want anymoreso this because we don’t have any morewe’re just gonna go back over see Pat inlit FISMA chocolate chips as you wantand – now I’m gonna go ahead and takeyou guys to the trade and show them howto show you how we kind of prepared ohmy gosh you guys so if I have two traysand then we have put three fruit paperon themI’m when using two of the exact samesideyou wanna either make sure you are usingpaper like the whole thing is just thekind of nice we’re mostly we forgot tomention getting make sure to wash yourhands so no chance of getting there mixwith the hunt tie your hat back if youhave top hat so now really feelQuickTime that’s amazing cups three bythree on the tray[Music][Music][Music]

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