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Video Transcription

hey guys today I’m gonna be makingcookies from Giada’s a recipe bookso keep watching to figure out how tomake these delicious cooking so we’regonna start off by getting some floursome baking soda some salt you know andsome delicious Nutellaand some butter of course and some sugarthat I almost felt getting because it’sreally hard to get and then some lightbrown sugar one egg we’re gonna somevanilla extract and it says I get like acup of like orange sprinkles or orangesugar about half but so I just had likethese sprinkle things and I wasn’t goingto be set but yeah and some Hersheykisses pretty good as you can tell wealready ate some of it so yeah andthat’s all of it togetherand we’re gonna put it to 375 Fahrenheitso I started off by putting in 1 1 and3/4 cup of all-purpose flour and as youcan tell it was very messy I didn’t havethat much left and yeah it got all overthe place and I have to clean it up ofcourse so yeah so then I actuallyfinished the whole bag so I got mad butthat’s ok yeah and then we’re gonna get1 teaspoon of baking soda and I kind offailed to open it up and I also kind ofmade a mess with that and stuff so yeahand then I put in a 1/2 teaspoon of saltand then I put all that to the side ofmy dry ingredients and then I had to getanother medium-sized bowl and I actuallyhad popcorn so I kinda had to like takeit off so yeah we did pretty good and sothen I started off by hitting thisNutella thing cuz yeah it’s 1/2 cup ofNutella but it could also be like achocolate hazelnut spread or whateverand so yeah you’re gonna put that in thething and then you’re gonna put it inthat thing – of course umI have to get a different butter cuz Icuz the thing I got I was too big soit’s one stick of butter softened yeahand then I poured in 1/2 cup of sugarand then I poured it in the horseand then I also put in 1/2 cup of lightbrown sugar and to actually pour it inlikely to much smaller had to like putit back in that thingamajig so thenpoured in and I don’t actually have ahand mixer he supposed to use that so Ijust melted the butter because I wasgonna whisk it and it’s gonna hurt toWest but ER when it’s like a hard stickthing so yeah so if you’re gonna uselike a hand mixer thing you’re gonnawant to mix it for I’m pretty sure likethree minutes and if it is a whisk whisklike me no one in the extract I want todo a little transition thing so I’mgonna put that in and then you’re alsogoing to put in one egg which I kind offailed to crack and once you’ve mixedthat and it looks like mine you’re gonnawant to put in your dry ingredients withyour liquid ingredients and then mix itof course so you’re gonna get a pan andsome wax paper which my pan was a littlebit too small because I had a lot leftover and then they’re going to use yourcooking or baking spray whatever you usefor thatand as every chef or Baker they shouldtry their batter thing before they putit in oven not really I don’t reallyknow but it actually turns out tastingpretty good because he knows cookiedough so yeah and then I just kind ofused the spoon toonow the little ball things and then Iturned it into a ball shape and then putit on the pan you know and then I had mylittle sprinkles I don’t reallyunderstand why they really need toorange sprinkles or sugar whatever itwas I’m sad I really know I did this butI put some sprinkles on it like thatbut didn’t really even come out I had todo it like one by oneI don’t like that so I didn’t recommenddoing that so yeah and then I put itback in the thing it hides me okay and Ihad to hide those things cuz my brotherwas just kind of taking them all mm-hmmand so you don’t want to bake the thingsfor like eight minutes and then you’regonna take them out and then put it inthe Hershey Kisses which I’ll show youlater and I also put it too closetogether so yeah and that’s me I’mtrying to catch one in my mouth but thenI got I was scared oh yeah so basicallythis is me putting in the Hershey stuffit looks pretty good that’s why it wastoo small and they quit back in for twominutes but it said three minutes ha haa rebel yeah oh and there’s like thiswe’re and I’m chicken in there right nowto be honest and yeah they were prettygood and I spun around yeahso one to take out your deliciouscookies you’re gonna want to let it coolfor about ten minutes you knowand now ladies and gentlemen for themoment you’ve all been waiting forare these good they were actuallydelicious CEO and yeah and so itbasically my neighbors quarantinebirthday so since I had extras for mything of course I had to make somecookies for her in the sprinkles Browngoing on and happened with the other oneand I got kind of mad so then I got madat you know guys so much for watching Iactually had a lot of fun doing this andif you think I should make more videoslike this comment down below and tell meand um yeah I hope you guys are having agreat day I hope you like this and Ihope you’ll try it out and yeah[Music]

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