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Making cookies for the first time

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Video Transcription

guys welcome back to another video todaywe are going to be baking some cookiesthat my mom is gonna actually do that somake sure to follow her vanilla sweet aswe as soon as we started the video so itwas written vanilla sweet and that’s ourusername right now down below so makesure you follow her on Instagram at thecoronavirus have fun and order from herokay guys so actually now let’s get intothe video let’s do this[Music][Applause][Music]you[Music][Music][Music]we have finished making amendments upnow I’m going to be tasting them the ofcourse gonna be a steep by looking atthem come come look here chocolate andstuff so tasty I love this okay so whatabout Dodge is any mini – whatamazingso this itfor the flatit’s a tiny bit scrunchie but this willtastylet’s take one bite[Music][Music]cut cut and that was a funny part ofcancer is very easy there’s too muchtalking it seems like then there’s likethe Cheney no chocolates in it buddyit’s full of compliments for we good andit’s early gooey like I mean by its verysoft and it’s animated contract the sametime it’s so tasty guys so hope you guyslike this boom make sure you likesubscribe comment like and subscribeand mostly channel modifications bestupon your bites and then when I’m donewith you

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