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Making cookies for Santa with my Grandson.. pt 2

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

we’re back back backso the first batchesthis is what it looks like so you knowwhat we’re gonna put on another fingerand slide dip it again okay and slide itoff man use a prune well use a probewatch you are just simply awesomeawesome okay who was naughty don’t givepresents to naughty kids you have to benice yeah who was on timeout DanielDaniel was on timeout why why was Danielon timeout okay can youwhy was Danielle on timeout Daniel andDaniel’s Ethan and Daniel was on timeoutwhat did they do Daniel Daniel hitdestiny why did he hit that to me yeahwhy he hit destiny mm-hmm make it misterOh get your hands out you got it allover who climbed a tree in theplayground Oh daddy I wanna eat emthey’re naughty and they’re naughty yupso we taking it out now you see you justmade a mess all finished Enzo awesometrain now we’re doing another trick atoy no it’s not a toy it’s food no it’stoo late no it’s Santasnacks yeah Santos snacks yeah this isfor Santa and Rudolphhey Santa a new road and all his friendsthose that turns around tear the worldyep you’re making cookies for Santa Imake it yepgood job I’m trying to fix it so whenthey spread Kenzel you take it take yourtime you like to rush too much too muchno you like to rush is your name Gekkoyeah is your name PJ masks yeahis your name spider-man no is your namethat boy no is your name Sonic no what’syour name my name uh-huh that’s enoughwhat’s your name my name yep yeah Wow ohohKenzo Brown oh no no no I’m so Brown nono Kelly turns brown no no Kelly KenzelBrown numbers can’t let Kenton DickensOh brown brown no no ha ha ha no no notcome back owokay we’re gonna put the next batch ofcookies oh man – your cookies in theoven and all this and then when it’s allcool we’ll be backdecorated Santa Santa so see you soonbye

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