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Making cookies for Santa with my grandson…pt 3

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

so now we’re gonna ice it and put somesprinkles so we’re gonna use this ice[Music]and just put a little bit on the cookiewow yeah you wanna make it big okay thisis cooking for you buddyno to scream its mm-hmm and we’re gonnaput on this one spread it around put thespoon back let golet’s show them what it looks like tolift it up okay so this is what we didso far you like it after my feel like itso you like it you like it now we gotnew sprinkles the only thing I have inthe houseand we’re gonna hold it Wow I’ll showthem look at our cookie my joking Santais going to be happy happy you’re gonnabe happydoctor gonna jump for joy mm-hmm whatsounds are gonna see my mice so now wehave to say mommy come look at ourcookies please hey what did you do tothe cookies you sprinkle it stand themyou sprinkle it what color is thesprinkle so now we have to put them on aspecial plate Santa are you gonna leaveSanta some milk so we’re gonna leave himcookies and milkokay so let’s show them again say howdid I dohow did I do you like it yeah yeah so doyou like it here rightyou like Kobe don’t aren’t ya laughs youlike Kobe dumb yeah we’re gonna giveSanta cookie and milk we’re gonna kicksome cookie milk that is no no yes daddytalked I think no no oh yeah you makegood news for Santa okay good come downtell them see you later thank you forwatching have a Merry Christmashave a Merry Christmas bye bye bye

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