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Video Transcription

what’s up guys today we’re gonna be[Music]we’re gonna wait business to where I’msittingwe just kind of wait for my mom to sitdown with this camera shoot those youknow you’re not even recording on thisone so olive oil olive oil makes itnonstickoh it smells like and smells like it’smy life oh oh yeah yeah you’re rightthey’re like you’re right you’re rightare you using card or your mistake okayI see the amount of it let me do it okayI can stay oh here’s one of them we’redoing roll it into a ball like bomb likethat like thisokaythat’s a lot of chocolate in there youknowokay we got a quick one not knowing likethat baby it’s not gonna cook moreflatter it see what thiswhat if I get apart each other littlebit so it’s not yeah I know I met it twoinches not a bunch of inchesoh yeah this is kind of satisfying whenyou touch it yeah it’s kind of likeplay-doh when they’re you know but alike fake chocolate right but yeah andit’s almost like I know what color it isthis one is too big no it’s fine it’sfineoh this one this one is too bigmommy I’m gonna put gonna push that himdown okay mommy oh this one I want towash my hand because this baby okay thenoh yeah pleaseokay that’s the line I just want to lickmy fingers we’re making this video onquarantine quarantine yeah girl like areal girl girl girl girl[Music]now how long[Music]

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