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Video Transcription

oh no permit gonna fly like you dosometimes soon eyes hey what’s up guysit’s Emma and I’m back with anotherYouTube video today we’re gonna bebaking chocolate chip cookie so yeah theovens I’ll be preheating so we gotta geta bowl and all of our ingredients soyeah back when all of our brains are onthe tableooh alright guys so it’s time to get apool I forgot all about so guys we’regonna start adding some ingredients[Music][Music]point this I’m going to show you guysthat outfit updates in it so we did forelevate because gavels off wanna mixright so let’s add the butter thisbutter has will should melt itself it’sjustlet me have my Asia she’s making a videoso that’s the egg that’s good so now wejust have to mix it together package andI’m gonna beat off you betso it says one egg okay okay so I didn’tread it fully so two tablespoons ofwater the big we have and use one-thirdof oil so never trust me with thesereasons because I will forget prettyeasily like what they have seen fourthso we have one say right here so I gotthem trying to do some measurements hereso guys go follow my tip rocker be inthe link below the description becausethat’s a Buickso guys we just got the watch from a carone third of oil so we’re gonna have aspecial guest we have Mecca Hubert ustoday so let’s add the oilokay so let’s add the water then I thinkwe’re gonna start there first then we’regonna mix now so I got to move onwithout you Hana guys I’d like to moveon without even looking at the rest ohit’s done preheating so it has to waityeah so this should be enough cookies afan is mouse I’m good smelling rightso guys will see you guys when this ison the pin your back okay so the cookiesare in the oven right now so this iswhat they are looking you asking barelyeven see this what did looking like Iput a what all scoops in some soups inthat pan over there so I’m kind ofmaking kind of like a cookie cake yeahmm-hmm I hope you guys like the edit sayI’m doing for the intro so yeah- her channel will be in the link thedescription belowit’s not named Mary its mecca’sperfection so it’ll be in the link belowso and my channel will be in the linkbelow – so you’re gonna go follow almostand then we have one more channelintroducing pop twins we’re gonna putdown the link to so yeah Anna and if youguys can give me the 15 subscriberscould just start it if you can get me to15 subscribers and me and her I willgive you a shout out so we’ll see youwhen the cookies are done wash and thenguys tonight I will be dropping a newvideo on my night routine so yeah nopelike a cat no don’t put that part inslow motion so bear back when thecookies are done this timeso guys there mekka go look at backstageyou guys they’re gonna be doing a tastetest video some materials yeah they’regonna be taste testing my cookies don’tbe shy okay so they’re not done yetso maybe you’re a cheater so guys onething our cookies are done I choked upjust try to China and I will try theother batch of cookies are showing sotonight sookay back window sit down oh yeah rightokay so on the outside the cookies arekind of firm but it’s still soft in themiddle rightDulli Bernard so this is good cookiesand Nancy or the cookie itself okaythank you guys watching a video makesure you guys like and subscribe hi soI’m gonna be posting every Monday toTuesday maybe actually I’m gonna behosting Monday Wednesday Friday andSaturday maybe sometimes TuesdayWednesday so push

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