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Making cookies🍪

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Video Transcription

hi guys today we are gonna make somecookies and the my sister’s here to helpme and we’re just gonna make some pecanswell let me smell fast we need this andwe’re gonna like get all the lumps outbecause it’s very lumpy chocolate chipcookies let me help you and now I knowthat’s not itso now she’s gonna help me I thinkthat’s about done yeah I think that’sdone now we pour in water and now weknow that I’ll mix it myselfyeah she wants to make I was it hey notyou let me smell yeah it smells reallygood so we’re just gonna we’re justgonna mix the water into that like moretime engine i yeah you can do that it’stime and very gooey which is good that’show it looks now she’s gonna mix alittle bit no you stay hereyeah I think her favorite pasta intochocolate chipsshe keeps milk cookies in itmommy’s gonna come so I hope you enjoyedthis video give it a thumbs up and likesubscribe and um I’ll see you in thenext video and bye

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