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Making Christmas cookies with my grandchildren memories to cherish forever Dec 2013

I started a new photo album named Cooking with Nang which is what my grandchildren call me ( for Nana Geri ) I have a dual purposes for this, you may see pictures of products and finished foods, as adults I am sure everyone of us at one time thought of something their grandmother or mother or someone made when we were young and unfortunately we are unable to ask them for the recipe or find out how to make it. So we search for recipes trying different ones and it’s never really the same. As those of you who know me well, cooking and creating dishes for my family is one of my passions. Years ago I hand wrote cookbook for my kids with dishes I made up or family favorites passed on, and yep it’s gone lost all those hours wasted , now I am doing a family cookbook on cd’s to pass out, but like the VCR tapes in the past, they will probably be outdated and replaced with something else . As we all know when you put something out there on the internet it is there forever. That’s what I’m counting on, the videos and pictures are kind of a recipe guide for them with the ingredients and also shows the memories we have making them together . I wish I had something like that when my Scotish grandmother made her mince, I still don’t know everything she put in it. I thought about making a blog with all the recipes but as they grow up who knows if the blog will still be available. Im counting on my children to pass them on to their children and so on. My daughter and I have had this tradition where every year I have to create a new dish for her birthday dinner, Those are recipes she will never find. As my RA worsens it would be too difficult now to hand write them all, besides been there done that not doing it again. So this is my solution. So excuse my pictures that are the food etc. this is the purpose. ( Oh but don’t excuse the ones of my beautiful grandchildren , I am truly blessed )

Original of the video here

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