yt 80719 Attempting to make cookies using the sun not serious - Attempting to make cookies using the sun (not serious)
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Attempting to make cookies using the sun (not serious)

My friend asked me how to make cookies so I came up with this method in 2 seconds

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello so today I’m gonna show you how tomake cookies by using the Sun so whatyou’re gonna need is a piece of paper aballoon and the balloon must have oxygenwell if this won’t work scissors andsugar cookie now it must be a sugarcookie and it must not have highfructose corn syrup no colors fromartificial sources no artificial flavorsand most importantly no artificialpreservatives okay actually be prettyeasy to understandnow with this piece of paper the firstthing you wanna get your pencil and youwant to write whatever code you want soI want right cookies okay so on theright stripes right here there we gostriped right there and you may noticethat I actually use notebook paper thisis because it’s easier to make extractcookies on normal paper so yeah we justdraw a circle right herewhat’s wrong now the one over here wejust draw our scrap cookies real quickgo you can see the stripes on thenotebook paper actually make it easierand then what you want to do is this themost important part you can’t forgetthis birdyes okay so after you’ve done this youget the scissors and you want to cutthem out so I’m gonna do that real quickand we’ll see how this turns out okay weare back in as you can see I cut out thecookies in there are actually a hosewell you don’t need to worry about thatactually[Music]so you want to attach the cookies to theballoon but how are you gonna do thismay ask well all balloons add stringsattached to them so you don’t reallyhave to worry about that you just haveto use the string so as you see thesecookies have holes in themand you put the string through the holesso I’m going to attempt that real quickI need to answer this Hank I’m justthink I’ve set this up real quick andyou’ll watch it I trust so here are backit again and my bones actually if youcan’t see it well and here’s the stringthat we’re going to test fitted you seeso this just goes in here okay verysimple actually can you go in pleaseactually this is why I always tellpeople they must carry scissors withthem these cookies don’t have big enoughholes in them now as you see the cookieactually has a bigger hole now and itshould work pleasehello let’s just try it the other waythis doesn’t work how many of those iscooking the trashOh actually okay so now we have thiscookie touch and this other oneshouldn’t be that hard eitheryeah it shouldn’t be that hard if thatwas really easy huh so after you guysmaybe wanting whoacan’t the cookies just fell off thestream well no actually because we’regonna tie it yes as you see right herethe balloon has actually been tiedasleep I’m just going to the exact samething right here there we gotied not easy now the cookies will neverget off it and now we’re going to headoutside see everything happening and canyou please stop flying off the counterokay so I’m about to head outside I’mactually they keep quiet because it’sactually pretty dark outside and I toldmy neighbors hearing me being like thisso here it goes nothing[Music]as you can see it’s pretty windy okay sothere is this Sun so actually that poppysound was the balloon yet the balloonactually fell off the shrinks not eventhough whilst I perfectly and know whatballoons can exist with other streamnone of this makes sense and the cookiesthey’re still uncooked well this episodehas failed nothing has happened oh wellwe actually have the cookies Wow thereare no other optionsI guess this ends this today that’s itOh

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