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Making Chocolate Chip Cookies with Mrs. Still

Let’s make some yummy cookies together.

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Video Transcription

everybody is still here today we aregoing to make some chocolate chipcookies now you are welcome to makethese cookies along with me but you needto make sure it is ok with your parentsdo not do this unsupervised now you aregoing to need some ingredients someingredients that you are going to meetour flour eggs butter baking sodavanilla chocolate chip cookies and saltyou will also need 2 mixing bowls andyou will need something to mix with okmake sure that you start your oven at350 degreesnow the next step I’m going to do is I’mgoing to melt my butter now this recipethat I’m following I will go ahead andpost this too but I’m going to double myrecipe now this recipe calls for 8tablespoons of butter now since I’mdoubling it I’m going to add thosetogether so 8 plus 8 I know equal 16 soI have both my six of butter here I’mgoing to put them in a bowl and I’mgoing to put it into my for about 30 to30 seconds to a minute to see if it’smelted so you want your butter meltedthere were a couple things that I forgotto mention so make sure that you guyswash your hands before you start youwant to get all those germs off and soin in addition to white sugar you arealso going to need brown sugar alrightso I have my butter melted let’s see ifI can show you I got my butter meltednow I am going to add let’s see it says1/2 cup of white sugar now since I amdoubling my recipe I know I need twohalf cups of white sugar and I know that1/2 doesn’t have equals 1 hole so I need1 cup of white sugar alright so here’smy white sugar there is my 1 cup now Ialso need 1/4 cup packed light brownsugar now again I believe my recipe so1/4 cup and 1/4 cup makes a half a cupnow let’s see I did not get a half a cupoutI can use this I’ll have a cup packmeans that you need to pack it down soit’s nice and tight there how about thatI got just a half a cup all right soyou’re gonna add that it now you’regoing to mix this for only a few secondsyou don’t want to over mix it becausethen your cookies are gonna be stiff allright see how I only mix it for a fewseconds it’s nice and creamy so my nextstep now is going to be to add thevanilla and the egg so I need oneteaspoon vanilla now again since I’mdoubling my recipe I’m going to do twoteaspoons vanilla and actually this isour secretso this vanilla is from Mexico and it isthe best vanilla ever this is what makesmy cookies taste so good but if you haveif you don’t have a melon from Mexicothat’s okay they’re still gonna bedelicious because they have chocolatechips in them so very carefully oneteaspoontwo teaspoons okay and then I’m going toadd my egg so it asks for one egg butagain I double leave my recipe so I’mgoing to add eight that’s out of the waynow be careful when you’re tracking youreggs you don’t want to get any shells inthere oh oh I got a shoulder we’ll haveto get that out make it this littleshell out got itall right now I have some eggs on myhand so I’m going to wash my handsbecause you do not want raw eggs on youranswer they are going to make you sickif you touch your face or you eat themnot good so I’m gonna go over here andwash my hands[Music]all right so we are going to mix thistogether now you do not want to over mixthis because it’ll make your cookies notas great as they can be so only twoseconds till it’s all incorporated itall right again just a few seconds allright now you are going to use a newball I had set my eye make sure and mymixer over there aside and I’m using anew bulb so now we are going to addflour now this recipe calls for 1 and1/2 one and a half cups of flournow I’m doubling my recipe and I knowone you know one and 1/2 plus whatever1/2 equals 3 so I’m going to do 3 cupsflour[Music]so then I also need 1/2 teaspoon ofbaking soda again I am doubling myrecipe so 1/2 and 1/2 make a hole so Ihave my 1 teaspoon of baking soda nowyou don’t want too much baking sodathere’s my 1 teaspoon of baking soda allright now I am going to get a spoon andI’m going to mix this together all rightnow you are going to add the saltit calls for 1/4 teaspoon of salt butagain I am doubling my recipe and 1/4and 1/4 equal 1/2 so I’m gonna for our1/2 a teaspoon of salt into my flour andbaking so to make sureI’m gonna stir it up again make sureit’s nice and mixed baby Weston it’swaking up from its nap I’m gonna go grabhim here in a second all right now youare going to pour your sugar and egg andeverything you have over hereinto this bowl[Music]now we’re gonna[Music]if you have any flowers on the side ofthe bowl make sure to get a spoon andscrape it you want to get all of thatmixed in together now that I have thismix I am going to add my chocolate chipsnow this recipe calls for 3/4 cupchocolate chips then I like to add alittle extra I love chocolate all rightnow I’m gonna mix this up again[Music]now you want to make sure that you getup all of the dough from your mixersthey do not want to waste any of thatnow I know it’s tempting to want to eatthis cookie dough because I love cookiedough but they still get you sickbecause it has raw eggs in it andactually did you know that flours rawtoo so you do not want to get sick allright before I get my cookie sheets outand start rolling these into balls I’mgoing to clean up my mess over here allrightbefore you start rolling your cookiesinto little balls and putting them onthe baking sheetmake sure that you have clean yeah Ineed to go wash my hands[Music]all right so you are going to be rollingthese into balls now you can make themas big as you want or as small as youwantsee ya I’m gonna make mine a decent size[Music][Music]okay now you need to definitely washyour hands really well[Music]all right I am going to put my cookiesin the oven for about maybe ten minutesyou want to do it between nine andtwelve minutes you don’t want toovercook them so they’ll be hard now allyour cookies are cookinyou want to clean up your area make sureto wipe it down I got some flour andsome chocolate chips on my counter I’mgonna wipe it now and I’m gonna sweepthe floor all right my cookies just cameout of the oven and oops that way theylook awesome I can’t wait to try them[Music]

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