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How to make no-bake cookies in under 15 minuets

Hey guys in this I will teach how make no-bake cookies in under 15 minuets!

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channel myname is taylee and todayi am going to be making no bake cookiesand showing you guys how to make themwith melet’s just get started okay guys forthis step we need to add in two cups ofsugarhalf cup of butter which is just onestickand then a half cup of milk and thenthree tablespoons of cocoa[Music]okay so the next step is to stir it overmedium heat until it’s well blendedso i’m just gonna stir that now[Music]okay so that’s what it looks like fullyblendedum the next step is to bring it to aboiland then stir it continuously while it’sboiling forone minute okay so now it’s boilingand now i just have to mix it for oneminute and thenafter the one minute is up we will takeoff heat and addone teaspoon of vanilla three cups ofquick oat and half a cup of peanutbutterfew minutes later one teaspoon ofvanillaand three cups of quick oatsand half a cup of peanut butterandand now we mix it until it’s fullycombinedokay so now we’re gonna drop thedough batter whatever what is itbatter batter onto the mixturemixture onto a cookie sheet or tin foilto let it cool[Music][Music]ohoh i hope you guys enjoyed this video ifyou did make sure you like subscribe andturn on post notifications and i’ll seeyou all tomorrow bye

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