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Make Cookies with me!!🤩

Making Cookies at 12am
Hope you Enjoy!!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi guys I’m gonnayou know structurewhat am i baking here they said to be[Music][Music][Music]okay[Music]I don’t think that’s definitely reallysitting with Sinestro which I don’t wantto cut it fat thing what what’s thepoint of that[Music]all right give me a reasonand we hope we did not like my sisterfor them they would be headless OlliJokinen Saturday I mean it’s Friday sowell I’m making your battery should beone two three four five six seven eightnine laughingbut we just killed myself so I shouldwash our hands on it for daysnow they’re gonna take very small[Music]we do a lot more which I can’t do thisactually being this would not be thatbad that seems fun like that’s likethat’s interesting[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]my cookies are ready mr. fingerI’m not trying to dislike no in therethere’s like say hi to the vlogit’s for my friendssomething so I’m making cookies they’resugar cookies with fire sprinklersjust keep itlaundrythat’s scary this basement scaryno it’s in the ovenwhooping uh nothing why is he screamingwhoo Sebastian scarywonder how many hearts should be burningby those funny how many hearts shouldthey have where do you work you justleft my blog without saying hi Sebastiansaid hi he even whoa[Music]it’s two dumb bitcheswhat should I do what just hang in chatopen the door[Music]anyways[Music][Music]this is what the cookies look like popthem in press StartI’m bored nothing to do[Music][Music]receive these[Music]if it can’t carry ithow’s look at those bad boys not lookingto ashabi if I say so myself[Music][Music]what a new suspectis it[Music]not cool bad pretty stop this vehicleright heredifferent registration tatical secondso it’s like catsoh lame anyways buy my cookies aredone

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